Futsolo Helps With the Ultimate Individual Soccer Training Experience to Soccer Enthusiasts

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Boulder, CO (August 31, 2017) – The Futsolo experience will empower young soccer players to reach their ultimate potential without forcing them to rely on anyone else to control their destiny. The training ball offered by Futsolo permits players to improve their ability at a rapid pace to get the ball using different parts of their body. Also, they can train in game-like situations by themselves wherever they go with this ball.

Now, the founder of this ball Futsolo has opened a project on Kickstarter as the company wants to take their ball to the next level. Now, they have plans to place an order for 5000 units with the new Futsolo branding in September 2017. In October 2017, their plan is to design and order new retail packaging with a company called Dicks Sporting Goods.

The company has also announced attractive rewards for early birds for the support they get in Kickstarter. They have plans to deliver the rewards by December 2017 for their supporters. This ball comes with an attractive set of features, thereby making it stand out of the rest of footballs available in the market.

About Futsolo Experience:
Futsolo introduced this ball with a view to helping players to increase the number of touches they get with the ball. Further, they will get improved ball control and confidence. When they practice

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Experts are of the opinion that those interested in soccer training should get more practice than just during the practice sessions. This is where Futsolo can help them with individual training with realistic ball receiving with different body parts.


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