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(February 23, 2019) – Each individual is different and so are their interests. When some have a great interest in traveling, some always have a craze for foods. They wish to keep themselves updated with the latest Foody News. To help these individuals, was started to keep them updated.

In addition to serving the food enthusiasts with the latest foody news, this website provides the platform for restaurants and chefs to post the latest news about their business. The good thing about the service of this website for restaurant owners is that the posts they submit to this website are automatically shared on the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Even, another excellent aspect of posting their foody news for restaurants with is that the website is presently planning for integration with Google News. If this happens, the news from restaurants and chefs will reach an even larger audience. In other words, restaurants can use this platform as a marketing tool to post any news they wish to share with prospective customers.

About was started to help food businesses and restaurants. By doing so, they are indirectly helping food enthusiasts to stay updated with the latest foody news.

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People have different sorts of interests. Interest towards tasty foods and gathering the latest foody news is the hobby of some people. They can get to Foody. News for all the updates they need in the food industry.


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