FonePaw Offers the Opportunity to Securely Hide Private Data on Mac with FonePaw Hidata Software

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HongKong (February 05, 2019) – Securing their private data is not going to be tough anymore for Mac users. Thanks to the FonePaw Hidata Software offered by FonePaw. With simple two-step process, the users can secure their data into the Hidata Software.

Moreover, the hidden data on this software will be locked up with their personal password. Further, the software uses 256-Bit AES Encryption to safeguard their program from unauthorized access. When talking about this feature, the founder FonePaw recommends “The login password can only be set by yourself. So, please leave a hint lest you may forget the passcode and cannot get the concealed files back”.

This statement from the company clearly indicates the security they offer to the private data of the users. The software will provide a safe environment, such that the files of users cannot be modified and even seen by other people. With a menu bar, the application allows quick access to their data for users.

One of the users of the software says “I found it for locking and hiding my documents (word, excels) which are related to my business. It helped me a lot.”

About FonePaw:
FonePaw was established in the year 2018 and the company located in HongKong has been providing software programs that are being used by more than 8 million users from across the world.

For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
Address: Hong Kong
Contact person: John Smith
Company: FonePaw Software Inc.
About author: Sumanta Dutta

Hiding of private data is one of the biggest challenges faced by users of any type of systems. Now, Mac users can get this done securely with the help of the FonePaw Hidata Software offered by FonePaw.


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