Follow Your Nose to Barcelona’s Quirkiest Cafes

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Your first cup of coffee may be a little disappointing but don’t base your opinion on the basic brews you’ll find at Barcelona airport. Transfers from Spain’s busiest airport can whisk you away to a better cup in the blink of an eye!

Spanish coffee has traditionally been regarded as rather basic and lacking any real personality. It has been generally viewed almost as a utilitarian product rather than as a luxury item that can be elevated to an art form. Although it is not that bad, there is far better coffee to be had than the café con leche that you’ll find at Barcelona airport. Transfers into the city are quick and smooth and will quickly have you sipping on some of the finest roasts and artisan blends in some of the quirkiest cafes in no time.

The New Guys in Town

There is a quiet revolution taking over Spain’s coffee scene and, although it certainly includes Starbucks and other big chain franchises, they are definitely not leading the pack. Instead, independent coffee shops have popped up around the city introducing the nuanced nature of café culture each with its own particular style and personality.

The successful chains such as Jamaica Coffee Shop and Starbucks do have their place. The owners of Jamaica, Jose Mangas and Antonio Veloso have managed to infiltrate the domestic coffee scene introducing a focus on quality preparation and origin. Starbucks has even offered coffee-tasting courses to educate the rising generation of coffee drinkers. However, neither chain can provide the unique quirky ambience of the independent shops located in downtown Barcelona. Airport transfers can even be arranged to drive you straight to one of these establishments for a quality jolt of caffeine with a particularly Spanish feel.

Top Spots

To kick off your tour of the city’s finest purveyors of exquisite roasts head to Satan’s Coffee Corner. Born out of an idea for a simple take-out coffee window this chic and trendy café can be found in the Barri Gòtic. Located deep off the beaten tourist track Satan’s is just what you will need for a break from a hectic sightseeing schedule. The cafe promises to calm your senses with its casual atmosphere and cool pastel painted walls.

Skye Coffee Co. should be next on your list of cafes to stop at. This quirky establishment began as mobile unit serving the finest beverages from a kitted out refurbished 1972 Citroen van. And if the novelty of its presentation wasn’t enough the barista’s creations became so popular that the van has now been parked in a permanent location in Poblenou.

Animal Coffee Bar will put some pep back in your step as you tour the city’s sights and scenes. This chic yet unpretentious local coffee shop has been perfecting their own roasting techniques since 2016. Sample their unique Cortado recipe which is espresso with equal amounts of warm milk and you will feel both revived and indulged.

How to Get There

Barcelona is becoming one of the most popular city-getaway destinations. Although one visit will not do justice to everything that can be seen, you’ll certainly come away feeling satisfied but curious for more. The city’s coffee culture revolution is yet another step in their constantly evolving growth and enigmatic drive for reinvention.

Flights to Spain’s capital are frequent and quite affordable. Once you arrive at Barcelona airport, transfers to your accommodation, or favourite independent coffee shop, are easily found and a pre-booked shuttle will ensure that, upon arrival your connection is smooth. Enjoy all that the city has to offer as well as the promise of the best coffee in a unique style.
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