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Calling all golfers! Looking for a challenge? Something signature? In the mood to win a championship? Courses at Jack Nicklaus Golf Trail can suit all of these needs and more. Not only are they high quality and immaculately maintained, their design is also absolutely phenomenal. In fact, the variety of experiences you have on these six greens perfectly complement one another – so much so that this region of Spain has become one of the most important and sought after golf destinations in all of Europe.

Read on and see three of the best courses to play on this fantastic trail. Who knows? By the end of the article, you may already be booking your ticket to Murcia to see for yourself just how amazing it is to putt on these legendary greens.

La Torre

With a par of 68, at first it may seem confusing as to why La Torre is nicknamed ‘the Challenge Course’, but once you get out on the green you’ll see all the reasons for yourself. With three lakes and 550,000 metres worth of bunkers, high handicappers watch out – you’ll have to play your best game if you don’t want your ball to end up drowning in water or stuck in the sand.

Located within a five star hotel and surrounded by lush island greenery, La Torre is a terrific choice for those looking to push themselves.


Known as ‘the Championship Course’, Riquelme is one of the greenest greens out there, both in the sense that it is environmentally conscious and that it is surrounded by some of the loveliest natural beauty around. With lakes, wild flower meadows and olive trees, it has a truly gorgeous backdrop.

Don’t let its stunning appearance distract you – this is perhaps Jack Nicklaus Trail’s most difficult course. Rugged bunkers that can be three metres deep, textured greens with contours so subtle you only have to blink to miss them, tiny fairways, water hazards and beds of reeds you have to hit your ball clear over... They weren’t joking when they called this the Championship Course.

Not for the faint of heart, the bravest players will enjoy pushing themselves to be the best of the best.


For a little taste of history, try a game on Alhama – the Signature Course. Perhaps Jack Nicklaus’ number one masterpiece, this gorgeous green was designed directly by him. In fact, he loved it so much that he’s even come back to visit. A putt here will expose you to the area’s typical flora and fauna, along with some wonderful gardens.

Nature lovers should go to Alhama for their next game.

Head to Jack Nicklaus Trail on your next golfing getaway for Challenge, Signature and Championship Courses alike – and discover the others there hasn’t been time to touch on!
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