Flight School Consulting Unleashes a New Book on Guidance to Become a Commercial Pilot

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(May 17, 2019) – Flight School Consulting, a website guiding aspiring pilots to get into the right pilot academy and pursue a bright career as a pilot, announces a new book named ‘Want to be a Commercial Pilot’. The author of the book, Reza Garajedaghi shares valuable tips and provides adequate guidance to pursue a career as a commercial pilot through the book. According to the author, the book helps aspiring candidates to choose the best Flight schools. The author was a part of a few press meets recently and talking about the process of becoming a commercial pilot, he mentions that many aspiring next generation pilots are not aware of the good commercial pilot shortage and the ocean of opportunities in the aviation industry. There is a huge demand for commercial pilots in the airlines, cargo and business aviation which is expected to increase exponentially in a decade. Garajedaghi adds that readers will be able to come across the experiences of current flight students, flight instructors, first offices and major airlines captains through the book. The book will help aspiring commercial pilots to understand the aviation world in details.

Garajedaghi says that the book is for all the aspiring pilots; be it high school students, college students, working professionals willing to change their career or international students looking forward to come to the US and avail the VA benefits. According to the author, the book dishes all the nitty-gritty related to aviation pilot training that will help the aspiring candidates get a fair idea about the industry and training process. The author adds that the book also highlights the cost and payment process during pilot training in a flight school and the details about getting a commercial pilot license as well as FAA. And, there is a chapter dedicated to women pilots that explains the process of becoming a female commercial pilot and avail the opportunities. The book is available on Amazon in the form of both Kindle and Paperback. On the website – Flight School Consulting, Garajedaghi has shared lots of details related to getting into the right flight academy and the relevant information. He has helped many commercial pilot aspirants to shape their career and there are many testimonials that reflect the success of the guidance. According to one of the heartfelt testimonials, “I was researching aviation schools all over the US and decided I needed an honest overview and attended one of the live webinars. Reza was easy to talk to and explaining the visa process and the various flight schools in great detail. It helped me tremendously.” – SeemaSethi.

About Flight School Consulting
Flight School Consulting is a platform providing guidance and tips to help the commercial pilot aspirants of the new generation to get into the right flight schools and understand the process and relevant aspects during the pilot training. Reza Garajedaghi manages the platform who is a successful career and academics guidance provider for over 25 years.

To know more about Reza Garajedaghi or his new book on becoming a commercial pilot, visit –

You can buy his book on Amazon –

Media Contact:
Reza Garajedaghi
Phone: 6195640431
WhatsApp Plus: 1 6195640431

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Flight School Consulting, a platform providing guidance and tips to help the commercial pilot aspirants of the new generation, announces a new book on how to become a commercial pilot.


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