Five Tips on How to Get a Good-Looking Male Organ

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Contrary to what some people may believe, a good-looking male organ has little to do with size. While some guys think only the biggest members can achieve attractive status, there’s a lot more to it, and on top of that, more is in a man’s hand (both figuratively and literally) than he may realize to have a good-looking male organ. Several studies have been done to find that a high percentage of women are very happy with the size of their man’s appendage (7 out of 8 to be precise) and when it comes to members, how they look, feel, smell, taste, and perform are more important than size. So, how can a man optimize his member attractiveness to get the best-looking member in town? Follow the tips below and strut with a lot of confidence, that’s what.

1. Happy Hygiene – It’s completely common sense but it needs to be said, clean that member regularly for a good-looking male organ. No one wants to see some scraggly, dirty male organ with toilet paper remnants on the tip. Wash regularly and thoroughly, particularly in areas that need attention such as under the foreskin (a good-looking male organ is smegma free!) and the scrotum which has wrinkles that attract leftover oil, debris, and sweat. Use a gentle cleanser with natural ingredients, being sure to avoid cleansers with harsh chemicals or exfoliants as the genital skin is quite delicate. Rinse well and air or soft towel dry.

2. BestLife – Honestly, it seems like something Oprah or Gwyneth would say, but a man who makes healthy life choices has the best chance at having a good-looking male organ. Eating a wide range of healthy fruits and vegetables, good fats, and ample proteins will encourage healthy skin turnover and keep free radicals which age the skin far away. Regular daily exercise also boosts the member, making him ready on demand and powerful. Undertaking these lifestyle tenants also lowers a man’s risk of things like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart problems which can lead to ED, which also helps him achieve the best working and best-looking male organ together.

3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! – After cleansing and/or shaving the skin, use a specially formulated male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to calm and improve the skin. Specialty crèmes like these contain ingredients such as vitamins A, C, D, and E, which are well-known for their skin-soothing and curative properties. They also make the skin super soft and touchable (something every man wants)! Finally, the keep redness at bay and diminish male organ discoloration for a really good-looking male organ.

4. Trim Those Bushes! – Just like a well-manicured lawn looks pleasing to the eye, so does a well-groomed thatch of pubic hair. According to several surveys, partners prefer a trimmed toggle. While waxing is catching on a bit in some circles, men don’t need to have a Full Monty to have a good-looking male organ. Simply trim each week using clippers or shears. For men who dare to go bare, shaving and waxing are options to be carefully considered and executed. Remember, genital skin is very delicate so only go to an experienced waxer or shave with extreme care.

5. Practice Some Self-Love – To love someone else, one needs to love himself first. Frequent intense point helps men not only last longer with a partner but also gives them more control which is always an attractive feature. Not only that but a Harvard study, it was found that men who intense pointed at least 21 times per month had a 33% lower instance of prostate cancer. So not only does a little self-gratification improve a man’s #1 Lover status, but his health too!

By using the tips above, any man can feel self-assured he has a good-looking male organ. Living well, spending a little extra time making the little guy presentable, and practicing some self-love is the best way to attain the best-looking member possible.
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