First 100% Free Calorie Counter Freshbit Maintains Strictest Measures Regarding User Data and Privacy Policy

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July 07, 2019 - Freshbit has been effective since October last year (2018). It has the strictest privacy policy and is well managed. The makers use the data from users to improve and provide service to everyone downloading the app. Application collects the data that browser sends whenever a user visits the service. Accessing the service through any mobile device is termed as “usage data”. This includes information like the computer’s IP address, service pages, browser version and type.

Freshbit is indeed an excellent Calorie Counter that uses similar technologies of tracking and cookies, for tracking activity on the service and hold specific information. Any user at any given point can refuse every cookie however when they do not accept the cookies, they may not be able to use the ideal Diet Manager’s services.

The app has been created with a lot of care so that security of the users is not jeopardized. Like for instance, session cookies are used for operating the service, preference cookies are used for remembering the various settings and preferences and lastly security cookies are used specifically for purposes of security.

Freshbit being the most efficient app that works best as a Carb Manager uses data that has been collected for several purposes. It specifically maintains and provides services, notifies users about any changes in the service, addresses, prevents and detects technical issues, monitors the service’s usage and provides valuable information or analysis so that the service undergoes improvement.

Security of the data is really the topmost priority for the makers of Freshbit. It takes all kinds of steps that are necessary reasonably for ensuring that data gets securely treated conforming to the Privacy policy. There are adequate numbers of controls that are in place inclusive of data security as well as other personal details. The makers update the policy of privacy from quite often so that the app stays effective and secure.

At a recent press meet, the owner was met up with and on being asked about how they are strict about children using the app, he replied, “The service of Freshbit does not take into account any kid that is below the age of eighteen years. Our teams take enough steps for information removal from the servers, in case personal data of the children were collected. We are free to answer any question with respect to Privacy policies and are users can contact with us without thinking twice”.

About Freshbit
Freshbit is an app that is hundred-percent free of features so any of you health enthusiasts out there can track health without you paying for any subscription. There is no selling of data to third parties, and only ads are served.

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Freshbit happens to be the First 100% Free Calorie Counter that is a boon for every individual who wants to shed extra kilos. Tracking is easier with Freshbit, and you can set your goals, log the food, water intake, and exercises all through the day.


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