Fine Dining at Royal Garden Villas

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Tenerife resorts come in all shapes and sizes and offer facilities for every type of holidaymaker imaginable – a getaway in Tenerife can be anything you wish it to be! For those looking to enjoy a VIP experience in a secluded area of Costa Adeje, Royal Garden Villas is the ideal accommodation option.

Boasting all the luxury you could ever desire, Royal Garden Villas is a popular choice for those seeking a classy and sophisticated break. With stunning views, high-class facilities including a spa and fitness centre and stylish furnishings in every villa, you’ll never want to head back home. As well as this, Royal Garden provides guests with dining experiences they will never forget – read on to discover more about the resort’s spectacular bar and restaurant.

Jardin Restaurant

This gourmet restaurant is set in a quiet corner of the resort, providing its guests with a uniquely intimate and romantic dining experience. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in the candlelight and peruse the menu, expertly crafted by Head Chef, Bruno Lorenzo. Showcasing his talent and creativity, Lorenzo’s menu consists of dishes prepared with only the freshest local ingredients, including seafood, meats and locally grown fruits and vegetables.

The restaurant makes sure to cater to all, also offering pasta and rice dishes as well as exquisite desserts for sweet-toothed guests and a wide selection of starters and smaller plates. Prepare to indulge with every course and sample some crisp local wines and other delicious beverages with your meal.

Many of Jardin’s dishes have inventive names, sure to further enhance your eating experience! Request the Bonnie and Clyde and receive a succulent Iberian pork sirloin served alongside sweet potato, plum chutney and a rich cheese sauce. The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory dessert is a chocolatey quenelle flavoured with citrus fruit and topped with a sweet white chocolate sauce. Enjoy the exciting addition of these famous names while dining in one of the best restaurants in all Tenerife resorts.

Tucán Tucán Pub

This laid-back, stylish bar has a cosy, comfortable atmosphere perfect for any evening during your stay at Royal Garden Villas. Guests often use the facility for pre-dinner of after-dinner drinks, and there is never a shortage of staff even during peak hours. Sample the various familiar beverages on offer or try some of the lesser-known cocktails prepared by the expert bar staff – you will not be disappointed!

Outside the Resort

Like many Tenerife resorts, these villas are just a short distance from the busier areas such as Playa de las Americas. Spend a day here and enjoy an even wider selection of dishes and cocktails from various bars and restaurants dotted around this tourist area. There’s no end to what’s on offer in Tenerife for food and wine lovers.

Whether you prefer to stay in the comforts of the hotel or venture further afield for an unforgettable foodie experience, Royal Garden Villas is the perfect choice. Drink and dine onsite or head out elsewhere for a wider selection of dishes and beverages. When it comes to Tenerife resorts, luxury travellers need look no further.
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