Finding the Perfect Fondue Favourite for Any Occasion

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Few snacks are more simply enjoyed than melted chocolate, a favourite dessert through the ages. As a timeless party classic and the signature display of a cosy night in, chocolate fondue is the very definition of an easy spot of indulgence. But where exactly did this sweet and silky delicacy first come from? And, more importantly, which brand offers the best treat for a rich and velvety social occasion?

Where Did Fondue First Come From?

Rather surprisingly, the idea for this treat only came about relatively recently – in the 1960s. Swiss-born Konrad Egli, fondly known as Konni, suddenly came upon the brainwave of serving a dessert of melted chocolate, along with heavy cream and alcohol, at his New York restaurant. Quite a lot of people agreed that it was a great idea, and his creation soon had the city’s most sweet-toothed confectionery experts clamouring for more and spreading the word. After that, it didn’t take very long for Konni’s invention to catch on elsewhere around the world, and such was its perfection that little has changed over the years. In sweet shops across the globe, this chocolaty fondue is instantly recognisable and ready to be enjoyed at home, whatever the occasion.

How Best to Enjoy Fondue

One key difference between now and the 1960s is that Konni’s velvety delight is no longer the preserve of a single New York restaurant. With plenty of different product brands across the world, there is no end of choice for making your own dessert at home. There is one product that stands out well above the crowd, however: Chocofolie. This brand is exclusive to us and is made with the very best Belgian chocolate, creating a rich, creamy and especially indulgent taste. Besides its luxurious quality, this brand’s products are also very easy to use, making them an outstanding go-to snack. All that is required is a microwave, and you’ll be ready to go within two minutes. As such, it is ideal for chocolate lovers of every kind and is suitably easy for hosting, whether for a formal event or for a more casual social gathering. If you’re hoping to spruce up your shop display with a tasty and hassle-free treat, Chocofolie perfectly fits the bill.

On top of that, this brand also comes in a wide range of taste-tempting flavours, which are perfect for adding an extra little spark to any dinner party or night in. My personal favourite is the hazelnut chocolate fondue, followed closely by the orange fondue, but your customers can also enjoy caramel, dark or white chocolate, along with many other flavours.

If you are finding it difficult to choose which flavoured showstopper you need to stock to impress your customers, or if you want to know what other incredible tastes Chocofolie has up its sleeves, then give our sales team a call. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can help you decide how to best enjoy this truly timeless classic.

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