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Miami, FL (December 03, 2018) - St. Augustine, a major tourist attraction in Northeast Florida has a big tourist population and hence a lot of London Vacation Rentals are available. However, finding the best price and the best options are not easy. HomeEscape offers one of the best booking platforms for vacation rentals of all types like apartments and individual properties, especially in Florida. Being on the neighborhood, company has the best collection of properties to choose from at every price range.

HomeEscape has the list of properties with a different approach to property booking. The property managers and the travelers interested in the property are allowed to interact within the HomeEscape web platform so as to confirm and coordinate with the booking. Enabling transparency between both parties not only eases with the booking but also cuts down on the intermediator cost. It means that St Augustine Vacation Rentals at HomeEscape is easily the cheapest as the platform cuts down on the huge commissions that other platforms subject on the booking cost.

St Augustine is boasted to be one of the oldest cities in the US. The city has a lot of well-maintained old buildings which come under the Luxury Escape listing, a premium property rental service from the company. These St Augustine Vacation Rentals offer a very posh experience with private pools, sophisticated interiors for a price much lesser than traditional luxury hotels or other similar options mainly due to the direct traveler – owner relationship.

There is an annual membership option with HomeEscape at a minimal cost that offers unlimited request tokens to be used to send a request to property owners which otherwise is very limited. Another worthy reason to get the annual membership from HomeEscape for owners of St Augustine Vacation Rentals is that they get payment assistance and cancellation request handled by them instead of dealing directly with the tourists.

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When they follow traditional booking system, the property owners and tourists will have to pay commission to the travel agent. On the flip side, when they use the service of HomeEscape, they can save a lot as they need not have to pay any commission to the platform.

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St Augustine is an ideal vacation spot for the holiday season with many beaches and historic beauty dating back few centuries. HomeEscape offers great deals for Breckenridge Vacation Rentals and cabins and other benefits.


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