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Because the ninth-largest economy in Europe, Poland features a business-friendly reputation, and functioning in Poland is becoming far more and much more well known. Study on to discover far more about business life in the nation, its tax and social security systems, along with the a lot of diverse career options for expats in Poland.

Employment in Poland
At a Glance:

When generating plans to work in Poland, you should look into the country’s major industries. These include machine constructing, iron and steel, coal mining, chemicals, shipbuilding, food processing, glass, and textiles.

In Poland, citizens and residents are essential to spend income tax. The top personal income rate in 2018 was levied at 85,528 PLN per year and amounts to 32% of the yearly income.

The country’s social security system covers sickness, parental leave, old age, and accident insurance. Employers and employees are essential to contribute to the system.

Business relationships in Poland have a tendency to be formal, titles are regarded as prestigious and need to be used to address your business companion.

A Developing Economy

Since the fall of Poland’s communist government, the nation has produced an impressive transition from a centrally planned economy to a capitalist industry economy. The membership in the European Union supported this development: among 2014 and 2017 alone, more than half of national public investment came from the EU. Nowadays, Poland is one on the most significant and quickest increasing economies in Europe. The nation has recorded steady financial growth due to the fact 1990 and was the only EU nation to prevent recession in 2007/8. Nonetheless, some financial forecasts predict that development will slow down within the next couple of years.

Any time you make plans for functioning in Poland, you will find specific industries and key sectors you ought to look into. The country’s principal industries contain machine creating, iron and steel, coal mining, chemicals, shipbuilding, agriculture, food processing, glass, and textiles. Having said that, the majority in the work force is employed inside the services sector. The percentage of service employees in Poland has indeed increased within the final ten years. Based on the European Structural and Investment Funds report, key locations of investment will continue to be infrastructure, education, study and innovation, and also the environment.

Locating a Job
When you are planning on operating in Poland, it is a fantastic idea to enhance your language abilities prior to the move. With 98% of your complete population, the vast majority speaks Polish. The younger generation in addition to business people and academics often speak English, although German is frequently spoken amongst the older generation. Nonetheless, this not constantly the case, and it is best to attempt and learn some Polish ahead of your move.

Even though unemployment used to become a significant issue in Poland, acquiring perform within the nation these days is a lot easier than in prior years. As of January 2018, the unemployment price stood at 4.5%, drastically decrease than the official statistics of earlier years. Should you wish to operate in Poland, it's finest to possess special experience in a certain field, and also main qualifications. Know-how in foreign languages, logistics, direct marketing abilities, and IT know-how are particularly in demand in the moment. Aside from the key sectors pointed out above, expats who dream of working in Poland may possibly also locate opportunities inside banking, tourism, IT, transportation, business services, the pharmaceutical business, or education.

Things to help keep in Thoughts

You'll be able to use the many distinctive Polish employment agencies when preparing to work in Poland. Additionally, you may also register using the employment services with the Polish Labor Office, provided your residency in the country is not dependent on getting employment. Despite the fact that it really is easy to conduct the initial job search and application process from outside of Poland, be prepared to pay a visit to the nation for the interview.

Telephone interviews are certainly acceptable throughout the very first round of your selection procedure, but you will most likely be asked to come in for any final interview. Skype interviews are of course becoming additional popular in the business globe, giving an option for candidates who can't be in Poland for their interview. Ensure to bring your references and diplomas for the face-to-face interview and possess the most significant documents translated into Polish. In the event you play your cards correct, you'll be operating in Poland in no time.
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