Extra Mile Day: Reminder That Change Created By Less Talk, More Action

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November 1 declaration recognizes volunteers who do more than talk about creating change.

Los Angeles, CA, October 26, 2016 -- Over 550 cities and towns across America have stepped forward and declared November 1st as “Extra Mile Day.” By making the declaration, mayors from across the country are recognizing the difference-making contribution of volunteers and organizations who are not just talking about creating change, but who are taking action to make it happen.

"It’s easy to complain and point fingers about everything we don’t like," says Extra Mile Day Founder Shawn Anderson. "However, it’s not so easy to give our time and resources going the extra mile in order to really create that change.” Anderson continues, “Extra Mile Day is a chance to recognize those awesome people who do walk their talk and give more of themselves in filling the holes they see.”

In association with Extra Mile America, mayors from Vancouver, Washington, to Washington, D.C., will acknowledge the impact that the people who are choosing to unselfishly “go the extra mile” in service and volunteerism are making in their local community. Started in 2009 with 23 inaugural cities, the Extra Mile Day mission has grown exponentially and now connects with mayoral offices in all 50 states.

Mayor Joseph Ganim of Bridgeport, Connecticut, is one of the mayors recognizing the power of the “go the extra mile” message. "Going the extra mile is putting the needs of others before your own. It means doing far more than what is simply required and standing up for something you believe in. The hardworking individuals and organizations that have gone the extra mile in Bridgeport have raised the quality of life in our city, and we are forever grateful for their efforts."

“All across the country there are passionate people who have taken the ‘go the extra mile’ message to heart and are living it,” concludes Anderson. “When we ‘go the extra mile’ in our actions, we pass forward gratitude, kindness and hope. It’s safe to say that the world could benefit from more of all three.”
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