Express Cards Comes up with unique solution to buy virtual visa card with Bitcoin

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GUANGDONG, CHINA (April 13, 2019) - Express Cards has come up with Virtual Visa Cards for customers all over the world to leverage the benefits of cryptocurrency to the maximum. The company has caught up to the radical growth in the crypto space with many countries opting for including cryptocurrency as a valid medium for financial transactions. Express Cards has come up with the unique solution to buy Virtual Visa Card with Bitcoin to translate the implications of using a plastic credit or debit card for real currency to the domain of virtual currency. Now, users could be able to use the Virtual Visa Cards for making transactions in Bitcoin just like they use credit or debit plastic cards for transactions in real currency.

Express Card has announced the launch of six different options to buy VCC with Bitcoin which are available at different pricing. The unique detail about these cards is that these cards hold a specific amount of currency to their credit and can be used to pay for different products and services. The different Virtual Visa Cards that are available on Express Cards include Bitcoin Virtual Visa Cards valuated at $25, $50, $100, $150, $200 and $500. The pricing of these Virtual Visa Cards is also tailored according to the demands of users.

According to an official statement on the website of Express Cards, users can buy Virtual Visa Card with Bitcoin that is launched by Express Cards and would be relieved from the worries of damage, loss or long production times associated with physical plastic debit cards. Express Cards has claimed that the charges estimated to buy VCC with Bitcoin is considerably low and would not impose any additional costs for loading currency in the cards. The statement on the website of Express Cards further suggested that users could be assured of the safety of all their currency as these Virtual Visa Cards would only allow the loading of a specific amount of currency that is allocated to each card.

About the company:
Express Cards is a provider of Virtual Visa Cards and iTunes cards with the facility of cryptocurrency transactions. The organization does not refrain from providing services of iTunes cards and Virtual Visa Cards anywhere in the world. It has also ensured flexibility for its customers through the options for payment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency alternatives. The primary goal of Express Cards is dedicated to simplification of online payments for customers alongside improving the security of online transactions.

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Express Cards
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Express Cards has made a new revolution in the domain of cryptocurrency with the introduction of Virtual Visa Cards. This new initiative of Express Cards would create new opportunities for developing the virtual currency landscape alongside improving the control of users over financial transactions. The organization has made adequate efforts in introducing the Virtual Visa Cards for a wide range of customers by launching cards with distinct currency denominations. Users could purchase these cards and load them multiple times with the specified amount of currency even by using Bitcoin for conducting transactions while purchasing products or services.  click the link for more info buy VCC with Bitcoin


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