Exposed – 2014 Line of Men’s Bowling Shoes by Brunswick

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Slide right out of the box that’s what is written on every box of Brunswick shoes shoes. It might not look like a big deal for for people who don’t bowl but for bowlers not having to break a pair of new shoes is important. This is one of the few reason to give Brunswick men’s shoes a chance.

Before I dive into reviewing their men’s shoes I would like to tell you something about the company.

They are the undisputed leader in the U.S. when it comes to bags for bowling but when it comes to shoes for bowling for years they were trailing behind Dexter.

This all changed 2-3 years ago when Brunswick changed the management of their shoes division. Not long after that they came up with a new and much better line of shoes for both men and women and in no time they were taking market share from the leader.

As much as I like the company and the shoes it makes I have to admit that I’m somehow disappointed about the absence of shoes in the high-price segment. They have actually left that market to Storm and Dexter.

Now back to the meat and potatoes or should I say to the bowling shoes. The line of men’s shoes has six models (Clipper, Cruiser, Flyer, Mariner, Steeler and Warrior) priced between $35.95 and $66.95.

Now let’s talk about each shoe in greater details.

1. The Flyer by Brunswick – the shoe is available in two colors – black and white and also has a wide width version. It sells for $35.95 which makes it the cheapest shoe in Brunswick’s 2013-2014 line.

Among its features are non marking rubber outsole, soft man-made upper and textile lined with padded tongue and color.

2. The Mariner – priced at $39.95 it has the Brunswick only Komfort-Fit construction and the Brunswick exclusive FlexSlide Technology that allows the shoes to slide right of the box so you won’t need to break them.

3. The Clipper – it is available in one color only – navy. Like the aforementioned shoes it also has the Brunswick exclusive FlexSlide Technology and the Komfort-Fit construction.

The Clipper also has man-made upper and textile lined with padded tongue and collar and sells online for $39.95

4. The next in line is the Warrior. It’s a little bit more expensive than the aforementioned three pairs of shoes but for $10 more you get more shoe with more features. In addition to the standard FlexSlide Technology and Komfort-Fit construction the shoes also have a welted construction with EVA midsole for added comfort. Let’s not forget the cool orange and blue accents that make the shoes look more expensive than they actually are.

5. The Cruiser cost as much as the Warrior and has exactly the same features. The only difference is the look.

6. Last but not least is the Brunswick Steeler. It is the most expensive shoe in Brunswick’s lineup and retails for $66.95. What makes it different from the other shoes is the rubber push-off right sole which happens to also be non-marking. Other than that it has all the features of all of the above mentioned shoes.

I am well aware of the fact that the shoe descriptions above aren’t detailed enough but you can always go online and read more about them. Talking about going on-line I should also tell you exactly where to go to get the best deals on the shoes.

If or the big boys in the bowling industry are the sites you shop for shoes then what I’m going to tell you might come as a shock to you. They are ripping you off! There is a new site that sells the same bowling balls, bags and bowling shoes but at the same time allows you to stretch your dollar even more. Check it out at

In simple words they’re telling you that you have 1 full year to decide if you want to keep the shoes. If for some reason or no reason at all that’s not what you want you simply send them back to LLB’s warehouses on their dime and get a full refund.
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Again the website is Visit it to check out the 2013-2014 line of bowling shoes for men by Brunswick. Also, don’t forget to check out the Brunswick men’s bowling shoes blog post while there.


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