Exploring the Sights and Sounds of Alaior, Menorca

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Many international tourists spend a few weeks of their summer in Menorca – and that's no surprise, considering the island’s rich natural beauty and distinctly Mediterranean lifestyle. Visiting the municipality of Alaior is a particularly popular choice, and there is a lot on offer in and around this region.

Son Bou – The beach of Son Bou is one of the most important reasons why the entire area around Alaior has become such a hotspot for tourism. With over three kilometres of smooth golden sand, it is the single longest stretch of land on the island – and many say the most beautiful. Various activities can be undertaken, from snorkelling and water sports to horse riding expeditions along the coast. Son Bou is a definite must-see when you spend your summer in Menorca.

The Calas Coves – The Calas Coves are both a scene of natural beauty and rich historical background. Not only will you find quiet beaches with deep waters ideal for snorkelling, but you’ll also be surrounded by more than a hundred burial caves hewn out from the sheer cliffs lining the cove.

Torre d’en Gaumes – Speaking of historical sites, the ancient Talaiotic settlement of Torre d’en Gaumes is one archaeological site that you should definitely visit when in the area of Alaior. It is one of the larger Talaiotic sites on the island, and is famous for the megalithic structures scattered around the settlements. Many of the structures were so well preserved that they were actually inhabited by Roman settlers and Muslim refugees during centuries past.

Santa Eulalia – If you’re keen to visit some of the many religious sites around the island, the Church of Saint Eulalia in Alaior is one to add to the list. The church features a beautiful baroque aesthetic, with magnificent arches adding an air of regency and solemnity as you pass through its doors.

The Windmills – Visiting the windmills around Alaior, most notably Den John Mill and Den Pujol Mill, can make for an interesting excursion. These windmills have been around for quite some time, yet have been remarkably preserved. They help to give you a glimpse of what life was like in the region in years past.

Coinga Cheese Factory – Alaior has the distinct pride of calling itself the birthplace of Queso de Menorca, otherwise known as Menorcan cheese. Those who know their cheeses may be familiar with it, and Coinga Cheese Factory is an excellent place to visit and do a tour and some tastings.

Xoriguer Gin Distillery – Nearby Mahon is home of Xoriguer Gin Distillery, an establishment with an almost reverential attention to its various blends of gin. The distillery offers taste tests, making it an especially interesting place to visit if you want to expand your knowledge of the spirit.

Calle Bella Mirada – If you’re just about to wrap up your summer in Menorca and are eager to snap up a few souvenirs, you’ll definitely want to hit this shopping street. Various little stores and boutiques line Calle Bella Mirada. Close to the Son Bou resort, each sells their own unique brands of homemade wares.

There's so much to do in this gorgeous corner of the world, this is just a small sample of what's on offer. To discover it all, you’ll have to spend your next summer in Menorca.

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