Explore the Unique Canarian Architecture of Tenerife

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Those with a keen interest in unique and striking architecture are spoilt for choice when it comes to exciting holiday destinations, but one place that is often overlooked is the sunny Canary Island of Tenerife. Here you will find very beautiful and eye-catching European archi-tecture that has been well preserved, but you will also discover that the island has its own distinctive architectural style. Gorgeous buildings can be found in many of the towns and ci-ties, some of which are even UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


On Tenerife you can find a real hodgepodge of architectural styles when it comes to churches and cathedrals; this is a reflection of Spain’s intriguing history. Gothic is the most notable style – due to the Spanish conquest of Tenerife taking place during the Gothic period – but you will also find other styles too. This includes Baroque, Renaissance and a range of unique features such as the use of a cupola above the cross. Additionally, you will notice that the majority of churches feature a white-washed exterior as opposed to the use of stone that you find throughout Europe.


Tenerife is home to many intriguing cave dwellings which date back to the time of the native Guanches. These indigenous people were living on the island prior to the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. The cave homes been given a makeover to include modern ameni-ties which creates a unique blend of indigenous Canarian culture and modern life – they are certainly worth exploring!


Tenerife, along with all the other Canary Islands, underwent serious fortification after the discovery of the Americas in the fifteenth century as it became a stopping point for cross-Atlantic voyages. This caught the attention of nearby pirates looking to scoop treasures from the "new world”, which turn prompted the need for land-based protection. This means that you will see a wide range of castles, look-out towers and defensive walls around the coast with the Garachico, Santo Cristo de Paso Alto and San Andrés castles being particularly well preserved.

Traditional Houses

In the major towns around the island, you can’t help but notice the colourful yet simple tradi-tional houses which nod to the architecture of Portugal and Andalusia. They feature the cus-tomary open space in the centre known as a portada de sillería: a Canarian patio which usually contains potted flowers and wall decorations which is surrounded by an upper floor gallery.

How to Get There

The island is easy to reach with two airports to choose from: Tenerife South and Tenerife North. There are regular flights from the UK made to both with flights from London taking around 4 hours. Tenerife transfers are available to take you to your hotel with many classy options to be found around the island. It is worth pre-booking Tenerife transfers in advance so that you can avoid queues for cabs or public transportation and get straight to your hotel.

This is a beautiful island that will appeal to those who like distinctive architecture. It features a unique combination of styles with many striking buildings to discover in the charming towns and around the gorgeous coastline. Additionally, it is somewhere that is quick and easy to reach with a quick flight to one of the two airports in Tenerife - transfers from here to your accommodation will be the quickest, easiest and most comfortable way to start your holiday.
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