Experts predict that Chinese tungsten carbide industry will meet the golden ten years

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In the tungsten industry, the tungsten consumption of tungsten carbide accounts for about 50% of the total consumption of tungsten. Therefore, the development of cemented carbide industry plays an important role in the development of tungsten industry. China's tungsten alloy industry has been developed since the early 1950's, and has been developed continuously, and has achieved remarkable achievements and has become the largest manufacturer of tungsten carbide in the world, but the overall technical level of technology, particularly high value products, is still a gap from the world's advanced level.

In recent years, China's economy has turned to a high quality development stage, which brings great opportunities for development oftungsten carbide wear parts, mainly in two aspects: one is the high-speed growth of the mechanical processing solution industry, and one is the steady growth of energy, mineral resources exploitation and infrastructure construction with cemented carbide and tools.

Mechanical processing solution is cemented carbide industry core product, it is the key of the industrial development, in the face of it is automobile manufacturing, CNC machine tools, aerospace, military industry, machinery, mould processing, 3 c industry processing, ships and ocean engineering equipment, and other areas of the manufacturing process.

For example, in the automotive industry, dong Yang, vice President of the China auto industry association, pointed out that China's automobile industry could reach 50 million vehicles in the next few years, so that the number of CNC carbide blades could reach 4 to 500 million pieces in the year of the automobile industry.

Like mechanical moulds manufacturing, China is a major manufacturer and consumer of carbide dies. In the next 10 years, the total output value of China's mould industry is estimated to be about 500 billion RMB.

Like the Chinese aviation industry. In the next five years, China's new general aircraft is expected to be 3, 000, and commercial aircraft will begin to be produced, and various types of military aircraft will be replaced.

The development of the relevant industry has provided a strong market traction engine for our country's machine-processing solution industries. Zhang Zhongjian predicts that by 2025, China mechanical processing solution carbide cutting tools will be from the current annual sales revenue of 17 billion RMB to 35 billion RMB, including carbide blades and tungsten carbide cutting tool size around 30 billion, 2.6 billion PCB tools. By 2035, China will become a global intellectual center for tungsten alloy industry, a center for technology research and development.

Ningbo Langsun Tungsten Carbide Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the r&d and production of all kinds of carbide parts many years, and the quality and service has been accepted by many clients at home and abroad. They have a team with a very rich experience in research and development. They have multiple product design patents which can provide very professional advice to customers when designing tungsten carbide wear parts. The steady growth of sales results also proves the company's strength in the tungsten carbide industry.
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