Experiencing Canada’s Eastern Cities by Rail

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One of the best ways to explore what Canada’s brilliant urban life has to offer is via train. With a range of readily available Canadian rail holidays at the tips of your fingers it’s never been easier to discover one of the world’s most beautiful and diverse destinations.

It can often be confusing and complicated when moving from place to place on holiday, and it is for this reason that many travellers find specialised Canadian rail holidays to be the easiest and most enjoyable ways to travel. Here are just a few of the destinations these tours take you to in Eastern Canada:


Toronto is a famous city in Canada and a true staple of eastern city holidays. You’ll be treated to a tour of Toronto including a visit to the world-renowned CN Tower. Imagine the views from one of Canada’s most celebrated landmarks – over miles and miles of cityscapes and natural wilderness. Just remember not to look down! Following this there is plenty of opportunity to explore at your leisure before moving on to the next stage of the journey.


Ottawa is the official capital and boasts a wealth of culture and history for those eager to learn more about the rich past of the country. On the journey you will pass the magnificent Lake Ontario, one of the gigantic Great Lakes of North America – a brilliantly blue stretch of serene, inviting water. When you get to Ontario there will be a host of activities available, including city and culture tours or the option to simply head off and have an explore on your own.


Montréal is another favourite among holidaymakers, and a must-see on any Canadian rail holidays around the eastern cities. There’s a huge amount to see here – take a look at the astonishing natural scenery that surrounds the area from viewing platforms such as the observation point Mont Royal, or check out the Notre Dame Basilica, the brilliant, ornate Gothic-revival church in the district of Old Montréal. You will also have the option to explore the well-known Latin Quarter of the city.

Natural Canada

One of the best things about these Canadian rail holidays, however, is how they make the nation’s natural brilliance so accessible. Mountains, lakes and glaciers sitting there like landscape paintings will zip by as you eat your breakfast on the move. There is so much to see both at the centre of the country’s bustling cities and at the heart of its raw countryside, including the pièce de résistance of the trip – a visit to the world-famous Niagara Falls on a full-day excursion.

With a range of Canadian rail holidays just waiting to take you around one of the most exciting places of earth, experiencing raw natural beauty and top cultural highlights might be easier than you think.
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