Executive Protection - A Checklist For Agents

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Before each executive protection assignment agents should really run by means of a checklist to make sure adequate protective coverage for for their principals. The following checklist will help you achieve a depth of understanding on the upcoming assignment and make it easier to determine your security requirements.

The security atmosphere in your zone of operation has been assessed and also you know the greatest actual or perceived threats. The health threat has been assessed to ensure there are no significant ailments or pandemics. The nearest hospital operating on par with international medical requirements has been inspected plus the distance in miles from the executive hotel has been noted.

The physical security capabilities of the executive hotel has been inspected and deemed protected. The entry airport has been checked. The airport and runway has been deemed capable of handling the principal's corporate jet. Airport security happen to be contacted and will manage the protection from the aircraft. The airport crash, fire and rescue personnel and gear has been deemed at international requirements.

All venues have already been checked for safety and security and deemed sufficient. The motorcade routes and occasions happen to be checked to ensure that the principal travels safely and expeditiously. You've got ensure that there is certainly sufficient staffing for the assignment. The principal's limo has been swept and inspected. Your advance function activities and report involves feasible vulnerable places.

You may have accompanied any problems found with potential solutions to corporate headquarters or your boss upstairs. Your equipment has been checked and you have incorporated additional batteries for your laptop, cell phone, or Blackberry. You may have carried out a final intelligence and threat brief. Communication and radio protocol has been established with all the other agents around the detail.

Procedures have already been established for handling suspicious packages and bomb threats. You've created sure that the guidelines of engagement has been clearly understood by the other agents. Evacuation procedures have been setup in the venues and the executive hotel. You've got an adequate number of security cars and drivers inside the motorcade to protect the limo.

This is not an exhaustive checklist, I'd clarify more in detail but that would take up more space I intended within this quick post. However, I am confident you get the main notion of using the checklist for implementing an efficient and productive executive protection program. Preserve secure and God speed.

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