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Brochures can tell your story in pictures and in brief messages. They are very powerful tools for your marketing campaigns. Standout headlines, intriguing pictures and dramatic descriptions can compel receivers to open the brochure for even more interesting information. But, there are more tools and tactics for brochure design that can be used to boost engagement and response.
A strong Layout and Design of the brochure is the first step. Use a recent photograph of yourself so their is an immediate identity. Then, put in your business slogan or motto followed by your logo and telephone and address.
Next, add the headline for the front fold. Be clear about what you want your brochure to achieve. What is it all about? Begin the layout with sections that answer the Who, What, When Where, Why and How of your intentions. All copy should be kept at a minimum as a brochure is an overview of your plans. Remember that what you write will have the most effect on the reader. Words matter as they say!
The questions to answer in your brochure are for the prospect.You need to answer what is the benefit for the prospect; what is your motive and illustrate your credibility. You want to immediately create an impression that you are knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and working for THEM. List those qualifications, experience, and community involvements. Keep it short. Give just enough information to develop credibility. State your reason for sending the brochure and just a line about your philosophy. Insert a personal description about family, business and community. The more the prospect knows, the more they will trust and respond.
The overall design should be simple and uncluttered. Use just 2 or 3 different fonts and make sure they are not too fussy or difficult to read. The same goes for colors. Keep them to a minimum and repeated through all panels for consistency. The design needs to be noticeable and catch the eye distinguishing itself from the rest of the mail. A different type of paperweight or size could do the job. Or creative pictures and interesting color combinations with imaginative fonts and graphics can make your brochure a real art piece. Pictures need to relate to your message and audience. Use photos that are natural and not fake looking. The quality needs to be the best so that it doesn’t distract.
A brochure should be just one part of a full marketing campaign and message. The design and copy and pictures or photos should be repeated throughout all of your company's materials. Your advertising, website, postcards, letters, logo, letterhead, emails, business cards should all be consistent with font, color and message. Standing united in your materials allows your customers to know exactly what you stand for and who you are.
Sending out your brochure to everyone on your mailing list is one thing, but you need to continue the send out by handing them out. Give your brochure to every single person you meet. Friends, family, coworkers and people in the neighborhood should all receive your work of art. A well distributed brochure will give you a high return on your investment.
If you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a freelance designer or attempt to create designs yourself, we at Everest Direct Mail & Marketing can create an exciting logo or design that will capture clients’ attention and make you stand out in your field. Our designers are talented with years of experience in creating designs and logos. Not only can Everest provide memorable designs for your business, we’ll help you build trust with your clientele, and help you stand apart from your competitors.
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Everest Direct Mail started in September of 2014 with a small team, on a mission of providing effective direct mail campaigns for defense attorneys to acquire new clients. We quickly expanded into supporting direct mail campaigns for real-estate agents and real-estate associations.

Since then, Everest Direct Mail and Marketing has helped countless businesses generate direct mail and email campaigns, as well as websites, email campaigns, outbound calling campaigns and so much more.

Our proud team members are named "Climbers" who strive to achieve elevated excellence in everything we do.

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Everest Direct Mail started in September of 2014 with a small team, on a mission of providing effective direct mail campaigns for defense attorneys to acquire new clients.


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