Educational Visits to London for Law and History Learners

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For law and history students, educational visits to London are a fantastic opportunity to discover the ins and outs of the British legal system and become immersed in the world of Parliament.

With these top attractions, your students will have the chance to explore courtrooms, enjoy augmented reality experiences, and learn how procedures in courtrooms have changed over time. It’s a learning experience they will never forget!

Supreme Court

On a tour of the Supreme Court, your class will be taken around both the courtrooms and the Justices’ Library. Since this is not usually open to the public, is it unique opportunity for budding lawyers and judges to get an inspirational and hands-on introduction. There is also an exhibition area which boasts a huge array of information sources which visitors can view at their leisure. Teach your class about the history and architecture of the building, the Court’s role in the justice system, the authentic artwork and much more.

Royal Courts of Justice

Visiting the beautiful Royal Courts of Justice is a great addition to any London school trip itinerary. Architecturally the building is a stunning piece of work, with exquisitely designed windows, high arches and slick marble floors. The building is also historically interesting, having been an important landmark since 1882 when it was opened by Queen Victoria. The Courts make a stop off on educational visits in London.

Parliamentary Education Centre

This interactive learning space is a teacher’s dream. Students can visit each themed room to learn about different aspects of the system and enjoy augmented reality experiences to feel truly immersed in the past. Virtual tours of important Parliamentary buildings are also on offer in the ‘discovery’ space, and there are recreations of historical events that are strikingly realistic.

Attend a Session at The Old Bailey

This building, also known as the Justice Hall and Sessions House, has an intriguing past. Its constant reconstruction over the years has been representative of the changing ways in which trials and other procedures have taken place, so it is in itself a symbol of judicial history.

In its beginnings it was a simple medieval courthouse, and then rebuilt after The Great Fire of London to form an open-air building. Since then it has been rearranged to suit the jury, accommodate spectators, and facilitate transport of prisoners to and from Newgate Prison (this simply involved a passageway, since the prison is next door). Currently the building still holds trials which the public are able to attend. This is a fantastic opportunity for law students to see a courtroom in action.

If you’re keen to go on an interactive and jam-packed London visit with your class, it is advised that you contact a specialist educational travel tour operator. This way all activities will be organised in advance and will be sure to include unforgettable learning opportunities for students. You can finally relax and enjoy the educational visits as much as your students do.
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