EAS FIBERGLASS Provides Customers with Ceramic and Fiberglass Yarn for Textile Production

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China, (August 08, 2018) - EAS FIBERGLASS is a company based in China that offers ceramic yarn and fiberglass yarn that is used for the production of textiles that are insulated against high temperature. The company was set up in 2001.

It owns full glass fabric coating, glass fabric finish, glass fabric woven, fiberglass yarn forming and full fiberglass production lines. It has around two decades of experience in serving different industries and can offer the most effectual product solutions at the best costs to customers. A major third-party laboratory certifies many of its products. On request, more of the particular 3rd party tests can be done.

Today, the Textile Fiber Yarn Company is shaping into a major firm that promotes and offers various yarn solutions to customers across the world. The agency is also making more investments and bringing in new lines for its capacity expansion, working under the quality management according to the ISO 9001- 2008 standards.

The company exports products to more than 100 regions and nations, and competes with the top suppliers of the world. EAS FIBERGLASS supports consumers in creating a material solution system for particular industries.

EAS FIBERGLASS is a provider of ceramic yarn and fiberglass yarn, used to make high temperature insulation textiles. It controls fiber yarn manufacturing and ensures that special finish can be implemented on the yarn.
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Textile Fiber Yarn Manufacturer
Company Address: No.635, Canghai Road, Jiangdong District NingBo- 315000
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EAS FIBERGLASS is a Chinese company, set up in 2001, offering ceramic and fiberglass yarn to customers for textile manufacturing. click the link for more info Ceramic Yarn


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