DVSA’s Earned Recognition Scheme Rewards Fleet Compliancy

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Haulage companies everywhere should be taking note of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), with the recent launch of their innovative Earned Recognition Scheme. With this plan in place, haulage companies and other organisations that work with buses, coaches and lorries will have a brand new way to demonstrate they are meeting vehicle and driver standards.

Read on to find out the details and benefits of this scheme, and what exactly it means for fleet managers and haulage companies. Those who run a tight, clean ship may find that this program is perfect for them.

What is It?

The scheme sees haulage companies required to frequently share information about their performance with the DVSA. For example, if any of their drivers break the drivers’ hours rules, they have to report that. Additionally, they need to share their MOT initial pass rates. In exchange, the DVSA will significantly decrease random roadside inspections on the vehicles of participating operations (unless, of course, they’re blatantly unsafe in some way).

What are the Benefits?

With fewer drivers being pulled over, a significant amount of time and money is going to be saved – no more wasting precious haulage minutes by pulling over perfectly legal and secure vehicles for unnecessary roadside checks. This will also ensure that the DSVA can focus its energies on operators who are at high-risk of putting others in danger, making the roads much safer for everyone.

Members will also get other benefits such as:

• Proof they are extraordinary vehicle operators when attempting to secure a contract.
• Inclusion in a published list on GOV.UK, stating their recognition as an approved operator.
• Having easy access to the DVSA’s earned recognition team.
• DVSA staff being less inclined to visit their places of business.
• Being allowed to add the scheme’s marque to any materials they use for publicity.

What Does it Mean for Me?

Fleet managers and those in supervisory positions in haulage companies will no doubt find the scheme is an enormous positive for their enterprises – because greater compliancy means safer fleets. In turn, this leads to higher productivity, better relationships with drivers and a reduction in administrational costs and delays. Customer recognition will increase, which can raise sales and boost business.

Managers know that that running a business is not easy feat – they have enough to worry about without adding a bunch of unnecessary extra stressors into the mix. Getting pulled over for no reason just delays deliveries and agitates safe vehicle operators. Nobody wants that: businesses want to save as much time and make as much money as possible, and the DVSA wants to focus on protecting road users from dangerous drivers.

If you employ safe, professional drivers and maintain the highest standards within your operation, you may be interested in the benefits that come along with this excellent scheme.
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