Dr Bhaba Nanda Das the Most Renowned Cardiothoracic Surgeon in India

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Cardiothoracic Surgery is a field of medical science that is implemented for the treatment of various diseases that affect the organs lying in close proximity to the thorax. This is usually implemented for the treatment of the heart and lungs; which is referred to as cardiac surgery and thoracic surgery. However, it should be kept in mind that these are two different specialties in the surgical arena. Surgical operation for the heart or great vessels is termed cardiac surgery. It is performed by a cardiac surgeon or a team of cardiac surgeons.

Types of heart surgery available in India

Different types of heart surgical treatment are used to restore different heart issues:
• Coronary artery bypass grafting
• Transmyocardial laser revascularization
• Valve repair or replacement
• Arrhythmia treatment
• Aneurysm repair
• Ventricular assist devices
• Heart transplant

Best cardiac surgery hospitals in India

Cardiac health is a major industry and it has had remarkable progress in India. With the change in lifestyle, there is more need for good hospitals as we as experienced doctors. India is one country which has witnessed a lot of boom in the medical world. Not only Indian doctors are now leading practitioners in the field of medicine across the world, but also patients from different parts of the world are coming here for treatment. India is one of the most premium locations for cardiothoracic surgery. It has the best heart treatment centers with the vision to provide the highest quality of integrated treatment to the population of this region at acceptance cost with a focus on research and education, by offering the leading cardiac care using cutting-edge technology and clinical innovations in the treatment and prevention of heart conditions. The success rate of cardiac surgery is 99% it has been very promising due to the recent developments in the technology.

Dr. Bhaba Nanda Das skilled hands and compassionate hearts to help your heart beat again for your loved ones

Cardiac problems are the maximum leading cause of death among the young and middle-aged population now. At the time of crisis, we all would want the best doctor/ best cardiac surgeons to lay hands on loved ones. Their magical touch is all we need to feel assured that our loved ones will come back to their full vigor soon. In an effort to help you with the most accurate treatment, one of the most successful cardiac surgeons that India is proud of, Dr. Bhaba Nanda Das best cardiothoracic surgeon in India has climbed to the zenith of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery field by dint of professional expertise and dedication to the service for humanity. Being the first beating heart surgeon of India he has procured all three donor hearts for the first three successful cardiac transplantation in India and acted as the most important member of the cardiac transplant team. His relentless service and dedication have played a critical position in elevating AIIMS as one of the few sought-after global centers for Cardio-Thoracic and vascular surgery. He is one of India’s most famous cardiac surgeon who is renowned, skilled, experienced and highly trustworthy doctors/cardiac surgeons of India.

Get an instant appointment with Dr. Bhaba Nanda Das best cardiothoracic surgeon in India

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