Dr. Safa Sadeghpour MD PhD, Founder of LIGHTSTAR, Addresses the Causes of Depression

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June 06, 2018: Depression, which is also known as Clinical Depression or Major Depressive Disorder, is an acute condition of the mood that is all too common these days. It has a severe impact on thought processes, lifestyle and activities. Dr. Safa Sadeghpour, the CEO of LIGHTSTAR Inc and also its founder, addresses the primary causes of depression in an attempt to offer more support to the community.

According to the UN, Depression is presently the biggest reason for disability – even ahead of poverty, terrorist attacks and war. An active digital ecosystem, LIGHTSTAR Inc has a token-based platform that deals with the various structural causes of depressive disorder. It expands access to treatment measures that can save lives of depression patients.

It uses live communities that offer support, shares authentic information about the condition with sufferers, scales up workable interventions and shares best practices. The organization offers a real-time network of international medical researchers and provides patients with validated information and rewards positive actions and behavior. It creates value in enveloped community that can be used for social reforms and change.

Dr. Safa worked at McKinsey&Co as a global leader, and offered advice to top leaders of prominent foundations and healthcare companies about the most complex and important strategic problems. For 6 years, he served as a coach and offer advice to technology and healthcare giants in more than 15 countries about important business decisions.

He established the organization GVNG in 2015 to reduce the time and costs for starting the non-profit organization by as much as 98%. This basically disrupts the way non-profit organizations are developed in the United States. He set up LIGHTSTAR in 2017 to enable scalable technology and mental health care facilities that are concentrated on the diagnosis and treatment of depression as well as other conditions such as PTSD and anxiety.

Dr. Safa also helped in the creation of a drug that has been proven to reverse brain aging of 15 years in human beings as well as the symptoms of Alzheimer’s in various animals.

About Dr. Safa Sadeghpour
Dr. Safa Sadeghpour is a PhD in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from MIT and a Medical Doctor (MD) trained from the Harvard Medical School. He is the Founder and CEO of LIGHTSTAR Inc, a digital ecosystem that strives to quicken mental healing with Blockchain technology and a caring community.

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