Dr. Perry Cammisa Patents Revolutionary New Chiropractic Care Equipment

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Naperville, IL (May 01, 2018) - Dr. Perry Cammisa, from Naperville IL, has received his US patent on the Posture Rack, a revolutionary piece of vibration therapy equipment used to rehab chiropractic patients in a clinical setting.

Dr. Cammisa started formulating new ideas about rehab over 12 years ago because of a personal need to improve his back. Using all existing therapy protocols, he was still afraid to pick up a pencil off the floor for fear his back would go out.

Researching new technologies, he kept coming back to whole body vibration. At that time, it was only being used for fitness, but he saw the potential it had for rehabilitation in a clinical environment. He bought his first vibration machine in 2006. Using basics like, trial and error, pain no pain, as his benchmarks, he realized that after just 3 months, his back pain had diminished more than it had in the past five years! He was achieving results no one imagined possible, in a fraction of the time.

Because whole body vibration machines had been designed for fitness use, there were many elements of the machine that made it less than ideal for patients who were elderly, in a deconditioned state or needed rehab on upper extremities, such as the shoulders.

The idea of developing the XR Vibe and the Posture Rack, to better accommodate the patient population started. By changing the vibration frequency, the platform for easy accessibility, and adapting a framework that would transfer the vibration to the upper body, a clinical use version of whole body vibration was developed.

“I consider the XR Vibe the “microwave” of rehab, says Dr. Cammisa. “When I speak at medical conferences I always ask doctors, what are you doing today that’s different from what you did 10 years ago?” If your answer is nothing, then don’t be surprised when you’re getting the same results.”

Every idea, every exercise, every patient condition gives rise to new ideas about how to improve and keep moving forward. Every medical profession is obligated to keep sourcing new ideas and techniques to improve patient care.

To learn more, or contact Dr. Perry, visit

Dr. Cammisa is the Clinical Director of Ultimate Medical Group. He has partnered with Dr. Moises Irizarry, MD, and Dr. Nicholas Angelopoulos, DO to provide Regenerative Medicine services, such as Stem Cell Therapy, to improve patient outcomes. Ultimate Medical Group is the only clinic of its kind that offers an integrated group of physicians, using non-invasive techniques to solve your healthcare needs.

Media Contact:
Dr. Perry Cammisa
Ultimate Medical Group
3590 Hobson Road •Suite 301
Woodridge, IL 60517

About author: Sumanta Dutta

Dr. Cammisa is the Clinical Director of Ultimate Medical Group. 



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