Dr. Karunakaran Provides Superior Spine Surgery Without Waiting

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In case you’ve struggled with back pain for any length time, you may be wondering if spine surgery is your only treatment alternative. Sometimes, surgery is the only treatment. The decision to consider back surgical procedure should always come after trying nonsurgical or "conservative" alternatives. However, when the pain is persistent and clearly associated with a mechanical problem in the spine, you might talk on your doctor about the surgical operation. There are a variety of procedures for spine-associated back problems, however, the 800-pound gorilla in the room during any discussion of back surgery is spinal fusion. In this procedure, the surgeon joins two adjacent vertebrae to form a single unit. We will be discussing the benefits of spine surgery in India.

A procedure of spine surgery

There are three basic types of back surgery
1. A laminectomy – getting rid of the back part of the bone (referred to as the lamina) over the spinal column. A laminectomy is completed to alleviate nerve root compression (pinched nerve) on one or more nerve roots within the spinal column. The compressed nerve root often causes back and leg ache. A segment of the complete lamina can be eliminated to relieve stress on a nerve.
2. A discectomy – removing a portion of a disc to relieve strain on a nerve.
3. A spinal fusion – this entails the everlasting fusion of two or more vertebrae for extra stability, to correct a deformity or to alleviate pain. The surgeon will harvest small pieces of bone from your hip or pelvic bone and area them between the vertebrae. In many cases, they will use wires, rods, screws, metallic cages or plates to provide immediately balance.

Who is the best spine surgeon in India

Dr. Karunakaran is a consultant spine orthopedic surgeon with an experience of 22 years. Currently, he is director of Institute of advanced spine services, Gleneagles Global Hospital, Chennai. He is an accomplished spine doctor till date; he has successfully performed more than thousand surgeries of assorted kind and complexities together with spinal curvature, cervical spine pathologies, thoracotomy, laparotomy, disc replacement surgeries etc. He is a pioneer in transdermal scrutiny body part discectomy beneath local anesthesia for disc prolapse in Tamilnadu and is additionally the primary to possess used the IN SPACE-interspinous implant for a body part canal stenosis-Key hole spine surgery local anesthesia. He’s adept at pain control techniques of spine-like Foraminal epidural steroid injection, Facetal blocks, Discography.

What is the success rate in India with Dr. S. Karunakaran

This procedure is definitely successful in India; the treatment conveyed by India’s most trusted and more affordable spine specialist Dr. S. Karunakaran. .The achievement rate for these surgeries offered by him is remarkable and keeping pace with worldwide benchmarks. The success rate is thoroughly focused on how to take off patient’s intense back pain and make them better of their problems and disorders and he treats your back problem with latest medical facilities resulting in 80%-90% success.

Why international patient choose Dr. S. Karunakaran for spinal surgery

Dr. S. Karunakaran is a highly experienced surgeon and healthcare personnel who work tirelessly to ensure the best possible clinical outcomes. He is one of the best in India to have vast expertise in managing spine problems. He is sensitive towards the needs of his international patients. He knows exactly how to assist international patients such as you. He goes the extra mile to not only provide you with top quality medical treatment but undivided attention and hospitality from the moment you arrive at the airport. He additionally offers less expensive and more effective than any other surgeon in other medicinal traveler goals, for example, Thailand and Singapore. He performs a few spine surgeries consistently. Thus, there is no sitting tight rundown notwithstanding for the most complex spine surgeries in India

Consult back and spine specialists for surgical solutions

Back pain and spine disorders can be effectively treated with a wide variety of surgical procedures with Dr. S. Karunakaran. Booking an appointment with our experienced orthopedic surgeons at +91 – 9325887033. Write to us at email id:
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Richelle Mandy is an Associate Consultant of Spine and Neuro Surgery Hospital India having association with the top spine and neuro surgery hospitals in India. The hospitals in India have a world-class infrastructure, are well-equipped with the latest technology required to offer excellent treatments to the patient’s from across the globe seeking the most affordable costs for treatments and surgeries for spine and neuro. Our association with the best spine and neurosurgeons in India ensure to provide the highest quality medical treatments, surgeries, services, and care to the patients at affordable prices.

Consult back and spine specialists for surgical solutions

Back pain and spine disorders can be effectively treated with a wide variety of surgical procedures with Dr. S. Karunakaran. Booking an appointment with our experienced orthopedic surgeons at +91 – 9325887033. Write to us at email id: 


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