Dr. Christopher Baer Named Denver 5280 Top Dentist

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Baer Dental Designs is pleased to announce that owner Dr. Christopher Baer has been named a Denver 5280 Top Dentist for eight consecutive years.

5280, Denver’s Mile High Magazine, recently informed Dr. Baer that he received the recognition. The magazine’s comprehensive list of the Denver area’s top dentists has included Dr. Baer every year since 2011.

The magazine excerpts the Top Dentists list from the topDentists database launched in 2007 to identify the country’s best dentists and specialists. The unique aspect of the list is that nominations come from peers within the industry. That adds another layer of credibility as topDentists asks dentists in each area to whom would they refer patients.

“It’s very flattering to be nominated as a 5280 Top Dentist by my peers for the eighth straight year,” Dr. Baer said. “My staff and I remain deeply committed to making sure our patients have the best care possible. We work with our patients to understand their needs and come up with a plan to address those needs.”

Aurora’s Baer Dental Designs team makes it their mission to provide patients with high-quality care in a comfortable and professional setting. Dr. Baer and his staff utilize state-of-the art technology for all patient procedures and remain committed to providing long-lasting treatments not found elsewhere.

Dr. Baer honed his craft by taking hundreds of hours of continuing education and completing the curriculum at the Kois Center, an advanced program for dentists in Seattle, Wash. Only a small percentage of dentists worldwide take part in the program each year.

Dr. Baer and his staff provide restorative, preventive and cosmetic dentistry. Special services offered include Botox and dermal fillers, All on Four dental implants, dental laser therapy, full mouth reconstruction, Teeth in a Day and smile design procedures.

For more information on Baer Dental Designs, visit its website at or call 303-557-6453.
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Dr. Christopher Baer
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