Does Male Seed Variation Indicate Male Organ Problems?

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Male organ problems are something that men definitely want to avoid. In many cases, spending a proper amount of time on male organ health will help keep away many common male organ problems, such as persistent odor or rashes. But what about when a man notices that there has been a change in his male seed? Does this indicate some potential male organ problems that he should be concerned about?

Normal male seed

In order to determine what is a change or variation in his male seed, it helps to know a little bit about male seed in the first place. First, male seed is not produced solely in one part of the body. Instead, several body parts make different components of the male seed – the male seed vesicles being responsible for some 60-65%, the prostate for 30% or so, and the sacks and epididymis joining in for the final 5% or thereabouts.

Male seed tends to be somewhat thick, at least compared to other fluids like water. But the thickness is likely to vary from one man to the next, largely as a result of diet. Most men know from self-pleasuring what their general male seed thickness is and can use that as a guide to determining if there is any change in thickness. The typical color is also usually white or greyish-white.

Color variation

Sometimes a man may notice there is some color variation in his male seed. What is typically a distinct white now has a tinge of another color. What might this mean?

When male seed takes on a reddish, brownish or pinkish hue, it frequently means that there is some blood in the male seed. Many men understandably find this alarming, but in many cases it is not a serious matter. Often it simply means that blood vessel has developed a small leak and this often resolves itself in a few days. However, if there is a large presence of blood in the male seed or if it continues beyond two or three days, a physician should definitely be consulted, as this may indicate more severe trauma or an infection.

Sometimes male seed becomes noticeably yellow in coloration, which can result from several factors. For instance, if a man has not released seed in quite some time, there may be a large number of expired sperm in the male seed, which accounts for the yellowness. It may also mean a bit of urine has become mixed in. More serious causes include a urinary tract infection or a social disease, both of which require a doctor’s intervention. Greenish male seed may also be due to an social disease, although a green color may also be due to a problem in the prostate. Again, a doctor should be consulted in this case.

Volume variation

Men who release seed frequently often find that they are releasing smaller volumes than usual, simply because the body has not had enough time to replace released male seed. If frequency is not the reason, there may be blockage or other issues, which require a doctor visit.

Sometimes the volume is the same but the thickness varies. Again, thinner male seed may be due to frequent seed releases, but diet or low sperm counts are other options. Diet is often a factor behind thicker, lumpier male seed; often it means a man needs to take in more water. If the thickness varies for an extended period of time, consult a doctor.

Male seed variation can sometimes help a man spot some potential male organ problems. He can better manage such issues if he daily applies a superior male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). The manhood needs to attain sufficient intake of vitamins, so it’s best to locate a crème which includes vitamins A, B5, C, D, and E; topical application of these vitamins via a crème provides a more direct benefit to the male organ. In addition, a crème with L-carnitine can take advantage of this ingredient’s neuroprotective qualities in help insure against loss of member sensation due to overuse or rough handling.
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