Discover Menorca’s Amphibious and Reptilian Wildlife.

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The Mediterranean island of Menorca has much to offer its visitors. Great weather, fantastic beaches, good food, friendly people and a whole range of different eco-systems that support many different species of wildlife. For this reason, it is one of the favourite summer vacation destinations for those who want to have a good time but also uncover the wonders of Mother Nature.

There are two facets of Menorcan wildlife that attract particular attention and both are at opposite ends of the scale – birds in the sky and reptiles and amphibians down on the ground or in the water.

This article is for the reptile and amphibian lovers (or Herpetologists, to give them their scientific name) and we’ll give you just a brief introduction to some of the species you can expect to find while exploring the undergrowth and streams on your summer vacation.

What You Can Find

Altogether, there are 13 species of reptiles and amphibians on Menorca. These are:

1. Stripeless (Mediterranean) Tree Frog
2. Green Toad
3. Hermann’s Tortoise
4. European Pond Terrapin
5. Red-eared Slider
6. Moorish Gecko.
7. Turkish Gecko
8. Italian Wall Lizard
9. Lilford’s Wall Lizard
10. Moroccan Rock Lizard
11. Algerian False Smooth Snake
12. Ladder Snake
13. Viperine Snake
Rather than describe all of the species, let’s limit ourselves to just three species that are prevalent across the island and that you should be able to find and identify (relatively) easily during your summer vacation.

The Stripeless (Mediterranean) Tree Frog

You need to look in wet areas to find this bright green frog. Many can be found in the marshes at Son Bou and in the wetlands around Barranc de Binigaus. The frog’s colour lets it blend in with the surrounding vegetation, so you may have to look hard to see it. If you hear a loud but long and slow croak, then you’re in the vicinity of a Tree frog. With long legs and suckers on its toes, this species is an excellent climber and can jump long distances. Approach it carefully, as it will easily jump out of sight!

Lilford’s Wall Lizard

This greenish-brown lizard is native to the Balearic Islands. While it’s only about three inches long, it has a large, round body which makes it stand out from its surroundings. Lilford’s lizard (named after Thomas Powys, the Baron of Lilford - a British ornithologist who studied the animals of Menorca and the neighbouring islands) isn’t easily frightened and, if you’re careful and approach it quietly and without sudden movements, you should be able to get up close to it. On a less positive note, the Lilford’s Wall Lizard is, thanks to increasing encroachment into its natural habitats, on the decline.

Moorish & Turkish Geckos

Two for the price of one! These tiny lizards thrive in urban environments. In fact, during your summer vacation you’re bound to find them sunning themselves on the wall or on a bush in your villa’s courtyard. If you’re in the area of the beautiful beach and creek of Vall d’Algaiarens, you could be lucky enough to see specimens of both, basking on the rocks or running across the sand. Both geckos are similar in size, around 15 – 17 cm. The Moorish Gecko looks stronger and more powerful, mainly due to its bumpy brown/grey skin that resembles ancient armour. The Turkish Gecko has a purplish skin and lidless eyes, making it easily distinguishable from its Moorish cousin.

There are many more reptiles and amphibians to spot during your summer vacation on Menorca. We hope we have sparked your interest and given you a good start in your hunt for these fascinating creatures.
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