Discover All About Building Your Own Worm Farm Compost As A Newbie

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Worm farming has a number of advantages than you may be aware of. You are helping the environment by recycling your waste material and at the same time the worms create rich fragment which can be used as fertilizer for your lawn. Some individuals even sell the compost to make some extra income.

A lot of folks think that building and maintaining a compost farm is very difficult or complicated but that's not the case. Making a worm farm is a straight forward procedure that anyone can do. And you don't have to be monitoring your farm each day, just give your worms the proper environment to do their thing.

When starting out in compost farming the first thing you need to do is to discover an isolated area in your yard where you can put your earthworm bin. The area you choose must be in a dark away from sunshine since worms don't like moving into bright areas. A lot of worm farmers put the compost bin in their garages or basements.

Once you have located a great place for your compost farm, the next step is to find the right size worm tray (container). The size of your container is determined by the amount of worms you want to keep and the amount of earthworms is determined by how much compost you want to produce.

When starting out you can start with a tiny worm tray and the container should be made from plastic material so that that it doesn't rust. Some earthworm bins are see through to enable you to see the worms but remember that if you get the one that is see through you have to put it in a dark place. If the area you've chosen is not dark enough then you can use a foil and cover it around the container to prevent light from heading in.

With your container in place the next step is to put a wet paper in the bottom of the earthworm bin to help dampen the worm bin. Don't soak wet the newspaper but simply make it damp. After you have positioned the damp paper you can then add the garden soil, the garden soil should be damp as well since worms like humid soil. With your soil in position you can then add your scraps and mix them together.

Take into account that the scraps you add shouldn't be acidulent, this means oranges and other citrus fruits are a major no. Make certain that the soil pH is approximately seven to eight since earthworms strive well in these conditions. After you have mixed your scraps and soil its time to add the worms. The type of worms you can add are night crawlers, earth worms and red worms. A lot of worm farmers choose red worms reason being they get the job done quickly compared to the other types of worms.

Great job you have now set up your compost farm, now the only thing still left that you can do is to feed your worm's each day. Don't forget to keep the pH low and your worms will produce quality compost.
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