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DirectPhone introduces a brand new service called the 'Facebook Messenger Bot' for the elimination of high international roaming/call charges.

The ever improving DirectPhone and its futuristic management are proud to announce the introduction of an innovative new service called 'Facebook Messenger Bot'. The entire idea behind this latest and modern service is to offer people an economical alternative to making international calls without enduring international roaming call charges.

It was noticed by DirectPhone and its management that people that travel to another country, for work, vacations or permanently, cannot get connected to their loved ones without paying a high international call or/and roaming charges. When their loved ones call them from their country of origin, the receiver bears expensive roaming charges. Similarly, when the call is made the other way, the receiver would then have to pay high international calling charges. In order to protect both parties, Facebook Messenger Bot is introduced.

DirectPhone wanted to present an interface that would be easy to use for every user, regardless of the age, language or country. Therefore, the mechanism behind Facebook Messenger Bot was kept simple and smart. Any user that wanted to reap the benefits of this state of the art service would firstly have to register themselves with DirectPhone's Facebook Messenger Bot. The user would have to provide their cellular or mobile number and also mention their new country of residence. The user would have to pay a nominal amount into their account as service charges. DirectPhone would then link the Bot account of the user with their Facebook page.

Once the registration with the Bot is completed and the account is linked, the user would be given an all exclusive Access Number. This special number would become the new dialing number for the user by their relatives. The Access Number would work as a pathway behind the user's mobile phone and the call from his or her loved ones. This unique and user-friendly service is an excellent way of reaching anyone anytime without bearing expensive roaming charges. Moreover, the connection provided is always a strong and permanent one without any breakage.

The important thing to note is that the management of DirectPhone does not want their customers to be burdened with extra charges. Therefore, they have the Facebook Messenger Bot service a service that does not require the use of the internet.
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DirectPhone is a company that has been at the forefront of offering advantageous and easy to use technological services for its vast range of customers. Their interface of service is easy, user-friendly and accessible from anywhere in the world.


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