Different Types of Ankle Braces

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Whenever someone has sprained their ankle, you need to make sure that you give it proper attention as soon as you possibly can because this will prevent any further damage. You need to ice the ankle immediately and try to elevate and treat it with compression in order to reduce any swelling and pain. One of the items you may want to consider using for fast relief is an ankle brace since it will provide constant compression and also reduce ankle movement that could have increased the damage. There are different types of ankle braces available that include mild, moderate and maximum. The type of ankle brace you will require will be determined by the seriousness of the injury and whether you are dealing with a first sprain or it’s a repeated injury.

Minor ankle sprains are said to occur when you have overstretched the ligaments of the ankle but nothing got torn. When you have a mild sprain you can easily walk and still be able to participate on many normal activities. A mild support Medicare ankle brace will help a person who got a minor ankle sprain or when you need a little ankle support in order to participate in your normal sporting activity. These mild support ankle braces are found from ace bandages to those sock like braces that have padded support; they provide compression that reduces swelling and restrict motion in a small amount.

Second degree sprains are probably the most common type and will almost always include some partial tearing of ligaments accompanied by stiffness of the joint and swelling. When you suffer this type of strain you will stay off your feet for several weeks so that you can minimize moving the ankle. This will require the use of a moderate support ankle brace which is made of sturdier construction; this is what is always used during some physically demanding sporting activities. Medicare ankle braces in this CatID almost always come with Velcro straps so that you can adjust them depending on the level of compression that is required as well as the amount of swelling that is present on the ankle.

Third degree ankle sprains are very serious because they will include a complete rapture of ligaments. In most cases you will actually require surgery and the healing process could well take up to one year and above. If this type of sprain is not taken care of correctly it could easily lead to a chronic condition. All third degree sprains will require maximum support ankle braces; this type is made of very sturdy construction and will provide total restriction of motion; you will need physical therapy in order to heal.
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