Day Trip Discovery from Faro: Visit Tavira’s Churches

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If you’re a holidaymaker who enjoys discovering the history and culture of the countries you visit, perhaps Portugal is where your next adventure should take you. You may be surprised to learn that Tavira, a small city on the Algarve coast, is home to over 30 beautiful churches. Plus Tavira is the perfect day trip as it’s only half an hour from Faro.

A Rich History

Tavira began growing in the 8th Century, when two mosques and a castle were built by the Moors. After being reconquered in 1242, the town served as a base for expeditions. A hospital was built, and wine, dried fish and salt were supplied. Soon, trade began to grow, and Tavira became known for having great quantities of almonds, figs, and varieties of fish. It was the Algarve’s most populated town by the year 1520.

After the 17th Century, however, there was a decline in demand, as well as the plague and a devastating earthquake. Tavira managed to regain a little of its former popularity after some success in the fishing and canning industry, but today, the city’s income is mainly sourced from the tourists.

Tavira’s Top Churches

There are several churches to choose from when visiting this beautiful Moorish town, all uniquely decorated and set around the charming landscape. Here are three that you should try and visit:

• Convento de Nossa Senhora de Graça

Interestingly, this church has now been converted into the Pousada hotel. However, many of its historical characteristics still remain, so it really is a fascinating building to visit as part of your trip to Tavira. Constructed in 1569, the structure has a mixture of Baroque and Chão style.

• Santa Maria do Castelo

This unique building is comprised of many architectural styles, including Gothic, Baroque and Manueline. Presumably built on the site of one of the old mosques from centuries ago, this construction is hugely historical. The church is also home to some fascinating religious art, so you certainly don’t want to miss it.

• Church of Miserićordia

Venture into this magnificent monument to discover the Nossa Senhora de Miserićordia sculpture. The outstanding creation stands in the centre of the church, decorated with angels and reliefs of St. Peter and St. Paul. The church itself was completed in 1551 by a Tavira resident.

How to Get There

For full enjoyment of Tavira, it is best to fly into Faro airport, transfer to your resort, and then travel into the city on a day of your choosing. The flight time from the UK is usually around two and a half hours, and it’s just another hour to most resorts near Tavira. A Faro airport transfer is the most efficient way to get to your destination without any hassle. Pre-booking a shuttle is easy to do online, and it is recommended that you do so in advance to avoid stress on your day of travel.
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