Daughter Of Country Legend And “Dallas” Vixen: Cherish Lee Is Country Music’s Tequila Cowgirl

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Cherish Lee, daughter of chart-topping country star, Johnny Lee and TV's "Dallas" star, Charlene Tilton, is releasing her first single and album, "Tequila Cowgirl." Pre-sales for the single begin on October 8, 2017.

Meet Cherish Lee. She is quickly becoming known as country music's "rebel with a heart of gold"! She's not only an artist, but an honest to God, down and dirty servant to all those that are beat down and in need of love. Whether animal or person, Cherish has always had a heart to help them. To all those she helps, she's a tattooed princess, but she's not all angel! Cherish Lee refuses to play by some of the country music industry’s biggest rules! In Lee's own words, "I refuse to pay money to make it on the ‘music charts!’ I want it to happen, because I worked my ass off, and people actually want to hear my songs! What happened to passion, story telling, rebels with a cause, and music that had its merits in how DAMN good it was, and how it made you feel? Our forefathers in music would be ashamed of us." Lee's album cost less than $1,500 to record, reminiscent of Nirvana's first album, "Bleach", which cost $600.

Lee's first-time producer, Nate Wedan, quickly found the heartbeat of the album and added his own spectacular flair to it. Cherish says "I wanted to have the people on this album, who made my heart skip a beat when I saw them live, and that’s what I did. I couldn't have made the album without the people I've been blessed to co-write with, all the badass musicians that worked on it and Wedan. I was respectfully allowed to be the artist, and most importantly, a mother. Nobody flinched at Wyatt (Lee's son) coming into the studio with me, and in many of the sessions, I'd be holding him while cutting vocals!"

Cherish has seen how hard the business is first hand through her father, Johnny Lee (country music legend, Urban Cowboy's "Lookin' For Love") and mother, Charlene Tilton (television sex pot vixen, Lucy Ewing on hit TV show, “DALLAS”). She quickly gained her own recognition as a singer and songwriter in THE Music City. Lee's album is truly homegrown-- a Cinderella piece that is just flat out cool. This October 2017, Lee is releasing her first single "Tequila Cowgirl," along with her music video debut.

“Tequila Cowgirl” is about an all American girl- a hard worker; she's got her head on straight, knows right from wrong and lives by that. She loves Jesus and tequila. She loves her animals and is thankful for what she has. While she doesn't need a man and won't share her bed with just anyone, she is looking forward to meeting the right one. Any guy would be considered lucky to bring her home to meet his mama, and every girl wants to be her best friend! The song has an intimate, nostalgic feel to it with a healthy dose of country music.

The full, aptly- named album, "Tequila Cowgirl" is scheduled for release in January 2018. It's honest music that tells a story, and Lee's voice conveys it beautifully, with all the attitude that her fans have come to expect from her.

Pre-sales for the single, "Tequila Cowgirl" begin October 8, 2017 on iTunes
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