Cultural And Historical Attractions In Beautiful Benidorm

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All of us have faced the dilemma of whether to choose a sunny, laidback destination for a holiday, or one that is brimming with history and heritage. If you are struggling to choose, you don’t have to!

Benidorm is the perfect mix of both touristy and offbeat offerings, with a plethora of historical and cultural attractions to discover. Since it’s such a short journey from Alicante Airport to Benidorm, the destination is easily accessible from most major cities.

These are some of the amazing gems you shouldn’t miss when you arrive.

Casa Museo de Benidorm

Loosely translated as the House Museum, it’s a staple visit for those who love history and culture. It’s a contemporary art museum set up within a nineteenth century building, and it is the region’s main art gallery. Entry is free of charge and you can appreciate a number of impressive paintings and sculptures during your visit.

Centro Cultural Marítimo

Also known as the Maritime Cultural Centre, it’s situated right next to the harbour, by the Paseo de Colón. It houses a permanent exhibition of model ships, fishing boats, anchors, knots and other such nautical exhibits. It was set up as a reminder of the extraordinary achievements of the local seamen and is free of charge to visit.

Balcon del Mediterraneo

Better known as the Castle Viewpoint, it is perched atop the main rock separating the two beaches of the region. It was originally built as fortress to protect the local people from Algerian pirate raids, from around the fourteenth to the sixteenth centuries.

L'Aiguera Park

This lush green park designed in neoclassical style separates the old quarter of the town from the more modern buildings. Its two amphitheatres are popular for shows and cultural events, especially during summer season. At the end of the park you can find a fairground site where attractions are set up for the many 'fiestas'.

How to Get There

You can choose from one of the many flights to Alicante from the UK, which is the most convenient route. From here, you can travel to Benidorm by road and the ideal way to transit from Alicante Airport to Benidorm is via a pre-booked shuttle service, which saves you the hassle of trying to find your way once you arrive. Besides a comfortable journey to your accommodation, you’ll also have more time to spend your holiday more fruitfully.

While this destination is popularly known for its incessant sunshine and legendary party scene, it has much more to offer. Its cultural and historical attractions are equally interesting, which make the town a wonderful destination for couples who love spending time by the sea and learning about a country’s heritage and culture. Your memorable holiday begins even as you board your shuttle from Alicante Airport to Benidorm with some lovely views along the way. It is a getaway that is perfect for you to unwind and refresh some of your historical knowledge.
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