Cubism Culture: Discover Picasso’s Inspirational Barcelona

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For art lovers, there’s no doubt that Barcelona is a favourite destination. The architecture, the museums, the numerous galleries: it offers a whirlwind of culture and creativity. You only have to visit for a short time to feel the creative juices begin to flow. This city has influenced artists throughout history and none more so than the renowned Pablo Picasso.

Although he was born in Malaga and spent most of his life in France, Picasso called Barcelona home. It was during his teenage years that his family moved to the Catalan’s capital, and it was here that one of Spain’s greatest artists spent most of his formative years. Inspired by the city’s political and expressive pulse, the young painter created thousands of sketches using his surroundings as his muse.

Despite leaving for some years, he returned in 1899 and truly dedicated himself to his creative skill. It was then that he socialised with his contemporaries at the infamous Els Quatre Gats and entered the Blue Period. It is a painting of this city’s streets that is considered to be the first example of Cubism.

What are you waiting for? Follow in the artist’s footsteps for a day or two and discover Picasso’s Barcelona.

Picasso Museum

This museum is the perfect starting point for fans who are interested in a deep exploration of the artist’s life and work. It exists as a wonderful memorial to the painter's relationship with the city of his youth. It was set up during his lifetime according to his wishes and opened in 1963. He donated a large number of works to the institution, as have a number of private collectors, bringing the total to a grand 3,800 works. You’ll find an excellent array of creations from his early years and his time as an apprentice, all the way up until the Blue Period.

El Quatre Gats

For a young artist at the turn of the century living in Catalan’s capital, the Four Cats Tavern was the place to be. Opened by Ramon Casas and his friend in 1897, it was the city’s own Le Chat Noir and functioned as a meeting place for avant-garde creators of the time.

Over copious glasses of wine, the young Picasso’s talent flourished, inspired by the art nouveau style and the forward-thinking crowd. It was also the setting for his first solo exhibition, held in 1900 and featuring many works that were inspired by his nights spent at the tavern.

As such an important influence, it’s well worth a visit – notice that today’s menu still features a design created by Pablo himself!

Barcelona Ceramics Museum

Aficionados will know how Pablo liked to dabble in many different mediums, including ceramics. For those interested in his lesser-known pieces, a trip to the city’s Ceramics Museum is well-worth the effort. Located on the outskirts of town in the beautiful Royal Palace of Pedralbes, you’ll find a beautiful sixteen piece series donated by the artist in 1957.

National Museum of Catalan Art

This is a great stop for all enthusiasts, offering a treasure trove of pieces from antiquity to the present day. Although it only holds one piece by Pablo Picasso, dedicated Cubism fans will want to visit. The Woman in Hat and Fur Collar is a prime example of his unique style of Cubism and is often considered to be one of his greatest works.

How to Get There

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