Cruiseland Offers the Most Romantic Houseboat Experience for a Memorable Honeymoon in Kerala

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KERALA, INDIA (April 02, 2019) – Cruiseland is offering amazing and top class houseboat experiences for the tourists traveling to Kerala for a peaceful and enjoyable vacation. It is providing Luxury House Boats in Allapey for a rich, romantic experience on the lovely waters.

Some of the best houseboat services offered by Cruiseland include House Boats in Allapey, Honeymoon Houseboat Package, Get Together Houseboat Package, Event Management Houseboat, Family Trip, Allapey Backwater Tour, and Honey Houseboat Allapey.

The customers of the company have highly appreciated the houseboat services of Cruiseland. One of the customers of Cruiseland commented, “Nice and remembering experience, So far so good, Cook is a fantastic guy, Boat driver is a good person, Thank you for making this trip so much beautiful.”

About the company:
Cruiseland is a major member of the tourism sector of Kerala. It offers the best and most appealing houseboat experience for travelers from all over the globe. The company strives to arrange the best quality facilities for the tourists so that they have an amazing experience that they can cherish for the years to come.

For more information, please visit

Media contact
Address: Cruiseland Houseboats, St. thomas church building,
Near Pallathuruthy Bridge, Alleppey Changanacherry Road,
Thottuvathala P.O. Alleppey, Kerala - 688003
Phone no.: 09656547304, 09747959503, 09747694441, 09747694442

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The highly acclaimed tourism company Cruiseland is offering some of the best and most demanded houseboat services in Kerala to the newly married couples to add that extra spice to their romance.  click the link for more info House Boats in Allapey


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