Cranston Family Healthcare Offers Urgent Care To Patients Of All Age Groups

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Calgary, Canada (June 12, 2018) - Cranston Family Healthcare, a leading clinic among the Walk-In Clinics Cranston, offers Urgent Care for patients of all ages. The clinic will remain open five days a week and will welcome patients with emergency medical requirements on a walk-in basis. The clinic is dedicated to patients of all ages. Cranston Family healthcare is proud to announce that the unit has been equipped with state-of-the-art appliances to handle cases requiring immediate medical attention. The clinic hosts best doctors of the town. Patients can trust the doctors at the clinic to help them recover from their conditions. The objective of this clinic is to cater to the people of the community when they are in dire need of medical care. 

Cranston Family Healthcare is committed to providing high quality, open and accessible health services to the community of Cranston and it’s surrounding areas. They provide patient-centric and holistic services to their customers. Their motto is to offer medical services that are full of compassion, easily accessible, including all sections of the society, and treat patients with dignity and respect. They discharge their care services with utmost accountability and responsibility which adds to their credibility and authenticity.

Cranston Family Healthcare is one such medical clinics in Cranston, which strongly believes in working in collaboration with other care providers so that the continuity of treatment is uninterrupted, the flow of information is seamless, and care is integrated.

The clinic has best of Calgary doctors who have earned their degrees from internationally reputed medical schools and have years of work experience to handle a wide range of medical cases. They put patients at the heart of their care and follow a holistic view of the patient care.

With the best doctors, Dr. Kayode Oloniyo and Dr. Oloniyo with expertise in emergency care, the clinic offers the best patient care.

Media Contact:

Cranston Family Clinic

Unit 1020, 356 Cranston Road SE Calgary AB T3M 0S9, Canada

+ 1 587 414 5414 / 587 329 2876

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About Cranston Family And Walk-In Clinic:

The Cranston Family and Walk-in clinic is based on the value of offering medical care through application of principles of scientific reasoning, systematic use of data and information systems and developing, implementing and evaluating effective public health programmes. That is to say, the clinic believes in evidence-based public health approach, which separates them from other Calgary Doctors.

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