Cranston Family and Walk-In Medical Clinic near Seton Calgary pulls in excellent quality healthcare professionals.

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Seton Calgary, Canada (December 15, 2018): Availability of healthcare services is one of the primary concerns today. Where there are many Medical Clinics near Auburn Bay Calgary, opting for the right one is one of the most tedious tasks for the patients. Also, it is essential that the healthcare facility is easily accessible to the patients in the event of emergency situations.

With a keen interest in rendering intact quality services, Cranston Family came up with their Walk-In Medical Clinic near Mahogany Calgary. Clinching in a robust patients’ referrals, later the Cranston Family and Walk-In Medical Clinic near McKenzie Towne Calgary.

Now the Cranston Family and Walk-In Clinic are in the phase of expansion. Throughout their period of development, the Cranston Family has been acquiring medical and healthcare professionals from different domains.

Cranston Family and Walk-In Medical Clinic near Seton Calgary work with the aim of rendering intact quality services at highly affordable pricing. Patient satisfaction about proffered health services is the underlying working aim of Cranston Family. Working with accountability and huge responsibility is the identifying marker of this Medical Clinic near New Brighton Calgary.

Healthcare services available at Cranston Family and Walk-In Medical Clinic near Seton Calgary:

• Minor ailments and baby health check-ups
• Travel vaccinations and prenatal care up to 20 weeks
• Multi-morbidity and driver’s medical examination
• Co-ordinating long-term care and complete health check
• Minor surgical procedures and acute or chronic health issues

For additional technical clarification, reach Cranston Family and Walk-In Medical Clinic near Seton Calgary at

Media Contact:
Dr Kayode Oloniyo
Cranston Family and Walk-In Clinic
Address: Market Clinic Suite 1020-, 356 Cranston Rd SE, Calgary, AB T3M 0S9, Canada
Phone: 587 414 5414 / 587 329 2876
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With the best healthcare and medical professionals in town, Cranston Family and Walk-In Medical Clinic near Seton Calgary aim to dedicate themselves for uplifting the availability of affordable healthcare services to their patients.


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