Coral Calcium Supreme Sells High Quality Coral Calcium Supplements to Compensate calcium deficiency Issues

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Holland, PA, (July 16, 2018): A highly beneficial calcium supplement, Coral Calcium Supreme was created by Dr. Bob Barefoot. It is a solid health product that is aimed at offering permanent relief from all types of medical problems that arise from calcium deficiency in the body.

Calcium deficiency is the main cause for a variety of troubles such as slowed development and growth, weakened bones and poor immune system functioning. The intake of Barefoot Bob’s calcium tablets helps cover up all such deficiencies. Coral Calcium Supreme offers organic products, which ensures that its supplements have an obvious edge over health and medical supplements that can be found on the market today. These are low-cost, effectual and safe remedies, and their consumption can offer a lasting remedy to health problems arising out of calcium deficiency.

The calcium comes from coral reefs that are from Okinawa in Japan, where locals enjoy very good health and longer lifespan – as established through scientific research. The supplements are 100% sterling ionized products and consumers can be assured of safe intake and usage. These comprise of powerful ingredients such as SMP 44 Marine coral calcium, Trimethylglycine (TMG) and Vitamin-B.

This is undoubtedly one of the best calcium supplement products available on the market today, as it has been in a development stage for many years. It is the product of intensive and extensive research, and only natural ingredients are involved in the manufacturing process. Thus, the products are absolutely safe to take for consumers. These calcium supplements are rich in Vitamin D3 and Whey Protein, which makes it a fantastic choice for those suffering from vitamin and protein deficiencies as well.

The supplements can be directly purchased from the website of Dr. Bob Barefoot, who is an authorized distributor of the product. The website also sells Greens First, a Green Super Food Powdered Drink Mix, along with green supplements and superfoods that ensure healthy living. The site is protected with secure 128-bits encryption technology that can help keep credit card and other transaction details of customers completely safe.

About Coral Calcium Supreme:
Coral Calcium Supreme is based in Holland, PA, is a major seller of calcium-based supplements and superfood powder that is plant based. The company was established in 1993.

For further information or enquiries, visit

Media Contact:
Coral Calcium Supreme
Ambassador Venture, LLC
6 Firewood Drive
Holland, PA 18966
Phone no: 215-860-7352
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Coral Calcium Supreme is a website by Dr. Bob Barefoot that sells high quality Coral Calcium supplements to compensate health issues arising due to calcium deficiency.



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