CookPerfect Voted the Perfect Thermometer for Cooking Meat

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November 16, 2017 - CookPerfect is a Danish startup team comprising of Kasper Kristensen and Martin Kloster. Together they designed and developed a revolutionary and one of a kind meat thermometer to perfectly measure the temperature of the meat that one is looking to cook. It is now the only thermometer in the World that allows users to simply plug and play and achieve the perfect cooking results no matter how a user places the thermometer in the meat. The CookPerfect meat thermometer allows users to precisely calculate the core temperature of the meat that they are cooking. The thermometer is very simple to use. It also predicts the required cooking time precisely, so that a user is always able to obtain the perfectly cooked meat for every meal without any stress or worry.

The high precision results that are offered by CookPerfect meat thermometer is due to a mathematical calculation. The unique aspect of CookPerfect meat thermometer is that it measures temperature of the meat at five different places in the meat and mathematically calculates core temperature of the meat. This removes the worry of inserting the thermometer at the core parts of the meat for attaining the desired results. With CookPerfect meat thermometer, a user can get perfectly cooked meat each and every time.

The CookPerfect Intelligent Meat Thermometer also now comes with an app that allows users to setup, grill, cook and serve a perfect meal each and every time. The project is now at the prototype stage, with the startup team looking for financing to help with their development and marketing goals. The team has a tentative goal of $65,000 that it hopes to attain with effective financing from all people. Every financer for the project will be offered a range of attractive perks.

About CookPerfect meat thermometer:
The CookPerfect meat thermometer is a device that helps people to decide whether the meat they are cooking has attained the perfect temperature or not.

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CookPerfect is a project developed by Danish startup team of Kasper Kristensen and Martin Kloster that involves the designing of a meat thermometer.


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