Consultant Gynaecologist Leicester Mr Gelbaya Offers Impeccable Infertility Solutions!

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Leicester (June 12, 2017) - Fertility issues have become increasingly rampant but with well-equipped fertility clinic Leicester, much of these issues are getting addressed and women are successfully being able to conceive and fulfil their dream of bearing a child.

Spire Leicester Hospital is a renowned health centre that specializes in treating infertility. Headed by Mr. Tarek Gelbaya, their diagnosis of the cause of infertility drives the treatment plan. As such, there are various factors, both in men and women that can cause infertility. Therefore, identifying the underlying cause is very important. The experts at Gelbaya have a health team that comprises of gynaecologist, embryologist, psychologist, lab technician, nurses and other allied healthcare practitioners who work as a team to improve patient outcomes.

Nuffield Leicester Hospital offers advanced and sophisticated assisted reproductive technology. IVF Leicester is the most common assisted reproductive technique employed by gynaecologists as it’s the most effective. Consultant gynaecologist Leicester, Mr. Tarek Gelbaya has the expertise and experience to treat patients using advanced technology. In-vitro fertilization implies to method where multiple mature eggs are retrieved from a woman by stimulating their ovaries and then fertilized with a man’s sperm in the lab. Later, the fertilized embryo is implanted in the uterus. Considering that this procedure involves great skill, it’s best to go to Mr. Tarek Gelbaya.

About Tarek Gelbaya:
Consultant Gynaecologist and Sub specialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, Tarek Gelbaya treats infertility issues successfully thanks to their precise diagnosis and treatment plan.

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Contact Person: Mr Tarek Gelbaya, Consultant Gynaecologist

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Most women face fertility issues which can now be well diagnosed and treated by experts at Leicester Fertility Centre run by Mr. Tarek Gelbaya who is the consultant gynaecologist there. To know more about fertility clinic Leicester click on the link.


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