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(August 23, 2018): Continuing on its path to grow in size, Coin News Telegraph has introduced an advertisement program as its primary revenue model. It’s a leading cryptocurrency news website that attracts thousands of daily visitors from around the world, aiming to strengthen its business side to add sustainability to its operational end.

“We already have a large and diverse range of fan base. And our readership is growing by leaps and bounds. It was time to fuel our business end,” said the Operational Manager at Coin News Telegraph. “Certainly, as well move forward, we’ll have more sustainable revenue models, including sponsored descriptions. For now, we want to focus on high-quality, relevant banner advertisement,” he added.

Coin News Telegraph was launched to be a go-to platform for investors and seekers looking for Cryptocurrency news, as well as Bitcoin, Ripple price and more. However, soon after, with response sourcing from various verticals, the website also became an attraction for entrepreneurs and business owners functioning within the Blockchain framework.

To remain on track to lead the news and media front of Blockchain industry, Coin News Telegraph has designed a unique advertisement program. The format depends largely on the clients’ need, as well as the long-term vision Coin News Telegraph. Also, one of the distinctions of this program is its selection process. While a diverse range of businesses is welcomed, relevancy and usability to the website visitors’ would play the biggest role in determining the terms of the deal.

“We’re at a point where we can bring traffic, customers, and trust to other business owners. But at the same time, we don’t want to compromise on the experience of our readers either. This advertisement program is carefully designed and effectively managed,” said a Senior Manager at Coin News Telegraph.

About Coin News Telegraph:
Coin News Telegraph is one of fastest emerging websites for cryptocurrency news and ICO news. Among other types of descriptions, it also features updates on other verticals of Blockchain—attracting entrepreneurs and business owners functioning in this de-centralized ecosystem. Coin News Telegraph employs a team of highly qualified writers, analysts, sales executives, Blockchain experts and more, committed to become a leading name in this industry on the media front.

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