Choosing the right wedding photographer

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Finding the perfect shutterbug to document your wedding is a very important task. You can smell the flowers, hear the music, taste the cake before deciding but that is not the case with photographs. You will get to know about them after the event is over and when you do not have any chance for a re-take. Whether you are looking for destination wedding photographer or a Miami Wedding photographer or wedding photographers in Orlando FL for your beach wedding, it requires careful research and analysis of professional skills, style, and personal comfortability. Read on to see what should you be looking for when you go through a photographer’s work portfolio….

1. Decide on a style
Before going out and searching for a photographer, you first need to decide what kind of style do you prefer and then you can match the style with that of the photographer. Different styles available from which you can choose includes:
• Documentary
• Portraiture
• Fine Art
• Edgy and bold
Photographers generally are skilled to blend various styles but if you choose and prefer one of the above styles, then concentrate on the photographer who specializes in it.

2. Homework is a must
Browse online sites, read reviews, review photographer’s websites and blogs. Check their social site handle on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These all things will give you enough clues about photographer’s personality and work.

3. Interview the photographers
It is a very important assignment for you and hence there is no harm in interviewing the photographers and it must be done. So, meet 4-5 potential photographers personally who are available on your wedding date and then choose the fitting your requirement.

4. See the photographer’s latest full work
The photographs in the gallery or website can be deceptive. Ask the photographer to show some of his full works of latest real weddings he has shot. For e.g. if you wish to do a beach wedding, you would want to see the work of a Miami wedding photographer and hence see shots captured by wedding photographers in Orlando FL.

5. Review albums critically
See whether the photographer has been able to capture people’s emotions, candid poses and other intricate details.

6. Make sure your bonding establishes with the photographer
Bonding with the photographer is very important to make you feel comfortable, take his suggestions and listening to your requirements.

7. Confirm your cameraman
Professional photographers have a lot of cameraman working for them in their staff. Therefore, it is important for you to confirm on the cameraman you want as each one has a different style, personality, and way of working which may not match with yours at the end of the day. You might need two to three shooters depending on the scale of the function.

8. Do a comparative study of packages
Different packages offer different benefits and include different combinations of the number of albums, the duration of the ceremony, the day of shoot and coverage. Clear it during your interview with the candidate to avoid any future confusion.

9. Confirm your rights
Get a proper contract made stating all your rights whether your photo should go on his blog or not, whether you can get the image printed from somewhere else etc. to avoid hassles.

10. Confirm the details of postproduction
To get the photo proofs from the photographer can take up to more than a months’ time. So, ask clearly the time he will take, the resolution of the image you will get, how many minimum photos should be there, can you opt to get only the digital version or need to get it printed from him only and so on. These all need to be cleared before finally boiling down to your photographer.
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To make best memories and capture right moments, you need to choose the photographer wisely. Of course, if you want a Miami Wedding photographer, you need to do some research and analysis of wedding photographers in Orlando FL  so as to make the day most memorable and capture memories forever.


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