Choosing A Vitamin C.

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It is very uncommon in the United States, to happen upon a true case of scurvy. Scurvy is the result of a very serious vitamin c deficiency, and because we have an over all abundant food supply, such a case is quite rare. However it is quite common to find situations where a person is low in vitamin c, especially those people who rely heavily on fast foods, and packaged foods for sustenance. The elderly often fall low in the vitamin, and smokers, as well as drug users, are most certainly deficient in vitamin c.

In a perfect world, one would optimally find enough vitamin c in their normal food intake. The truth is, only by eating large daily amounts of organic, very fresh, and locally grown fruits and veggies, could a person ever hope to obtain enough vitamin c via normal dietary intake alone. Eating a diet that is wealthy in colorful foods is also important. All the different colors offer differnt levels of vitamin c as well as bioflavanoids which are needed as co factors of the vitamin.

Juicing tons of veggies and fruits is also a great way to boost your vitamin c, but it is plenty of work, and often impossible to get to. I believe deeply in taking advantage of our ability to supplement with vitamin c. I love timed release supplements as well as liposomal vitamin c supplements as they are used up slowly, and stay in the body for longer periods; thus naturally increasing the availability of the supplement taken.

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A good, quality pharma grade timed release ascorbic acid product which includes bioflavanoids, and then also a good quality liposomal vitamic c, should cover all the bases. There is a Doctor in the Chicago area whom i have never met or connected with, but i know of him by word of mouth as well as via the internet. His name is Mercola. I have used his liposomal capsules, and i am very impressed with the product. I have never tried other products of his because his merchandise is out of my price range, but a 500 mg capsule of his vitamin c, was affordable for me.

It is estimated that if every American was to take 500 to 1000 mg of vitamin c per day, every day, the USA could avoid 200,000 pre mature deaths per year. That says a lot about just how important Vitamin C is.

Never rely on just an internet website post to make a decision. Please visit websites devoted to timed released c as well as liposomal c, and consider reading a 3 dollar ebook on the subject. You will be doing your health a grand favor. To you health and that of your family. Cheers.

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