Center For Diagnostic Imaging conducts 3d Mammogram Validating the Screening Process

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Aventura, FL (November 29, 2018) – 3d Mammogram is referred to as Digital Tomosynthesis, which is a recent technique in the medical industry. The technique shows 3D figures.

The Center For Diagnostic Imaging Miami gives the best and accurate result when it comes to Mammogram. The new process does not seem to miss even a very minute lesion. Certain rays are passed in a longitudinal axis which gives the 3-D image of the target lesions. It is more sensitive and effective. Now, a tiny lesion that is seen during the early stages is detected with the utmost accuracy.

Dense breast tissues sometimes tend to hide minute growths inside the breasts. So, patients had to go for a further screening process for confirmatory purposes. In certain cases, false growths are also common. Few more processes were needed to confirm a tumor. But 3D Mammogram is making the mammogram process most accurate which is referred to as a great success for helping Routine Mammogram deliver the correct result.

The mammogram is the first process that is meant for supporting the presence or absence of growths. Center for Diagnostic Imaging Miami is on top as Women’s Diagnostic Center Miami. Eighty percent of female Americans has the probability of developing breast cancers in early ages. But timely diagnosis and proper treatment can fight cancer without surgery or implantations.

False lesions are very depressing for any person. This imaging technique makes the false detection chances minimal and recall rates are also less. The development of science and technology is making cancer really curable. Cancer can be fought easily with right detection. This new mammogram technique is making it easier for doctors to deal with breast cancers without surgeries. In 3d Mammogram, radiation is very negligible, so the harmful effects can be avoided.

About Center For Diagnostic Miami:

The company has two Centers For Diagnostic Imaging one of which is situated in Aventura and the other is in South Dade. It has a team of specialized doctors and medical technicians. The best imaging solutions are used by them and are very successful inaccurate detections. Prompt solutions with 24 x7 services make it the best digital Imaging Diagnostic Center Miami. Moreover, the clinics can be accessed from any point of Florida.

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3d Mammogram, a nascent mammogram technique is taking the breast tumor detection to another level. Center for Diagnostic Imaging specializes in this technique and help with detecting breast cancer early.


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