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With the focus being on commercial photography, the work always specializes around a product, a type of new food, some sort of artistic architecture, or anything else that would be of commercial value. For example, one of the most photographed products in the world of commercial pictures is jewelry. Especially jewelry pics that would be entered into a sales catalog. Jewelry is know to be one of the most difficult items to capture with the lens, and quite frankly, most photographers have no idea how or where to start. It is quite the task to shoot shiny objects that are so reflective and so spherical in shape. One needs to always push on and move and weave through so many series of techniques that might just garner the results being sought.


It’s a good idea to approach catalog photography differently than you would approach a more standard form of advertising photography. Captured images are generally much smaller, and it is needed to be more consistent with the work previous shoots of the same items. Regarding catalog photography, the whole concept is to be as efficient as possible. Presenting a clean, uniform result that allows the client to use any images in an interchangeable way. Also you would want to display as much of the product as you can as to give the viewer a clear and visible idea of what they might find themselves buying. Catalog photography does not require the crazy level of detail that is typically critical when producing advertising imagery, and the inevitable retouching is lessened, therefore the costs are typically lower per image. Something that helps to always keep the costs down is the limited usage, because the work is usually licensed for just catalog use.

There is no use light tents, instead you would find yourself using your own sets based on the actual characteristics of the item being photographed You will find that customizing your set will gain you a lot more control enabling you to create a better images for all of your clients.


Another challenging task is that of snapping good quality pictures of clothing. The difficulty here are those very harsh shadows, and the struggle can seem endless. Proper lighting can be a gigantic challenge as well because the different colors of clothing items may require constant changed in the light. Figuring it out is tough but it must be conquered in order to best display the clothing. It is mission critical that the items appeal to the consumers in a way that will result in purchases being made.

Sales must be made. Commercial photography is all about helping a business of company generate sales. Quality images can be a nightmare to accomplish, but as you improve, and as you develop a strong series of techniques, you will get the sought after results, and find yourself to be a sought after commodity.

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