Care Conextion Offers the Best in Wheelchair Transport in Louisville, KY

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Louisville, KY (December 29th, 2017) - Care Conextion has been providing exceptional service for the past few years in personal transportation. The company delivers high quality services that enable senior citizens and other clients to reach their destination in a safe and timely manner.

Care Conextion primarily deals in wheelchair transportion services which helps their clients reach their appointments on time. Though primarily intended for non-emergency medical transport, this service also provides various personal transportation services for social gatherings, family functions and other important events. Care Conextion strives to uphold the exceptionally high standards of non-emergency transportation by employing a team of highly professional, trained, and caring staff members and drivers.

A satisfied client remarked on their services saying- “It was such a relief to have Care Conextion by my side when I had to arrange transportation to pick up my husband.”

Care Conextion’s mission is to deliver high quality and dignified non-emergency medical transportation for its clients, which includes wheelchair transportation as well as ambulatory transportation. They offer door thru door service, and ensure arrival at the destination on time. Care Conextion’s staff has extensive training in first aid, CPR, passenger assistance training, and defensive driving, which makes them suitable for handling most any situation.

About Care Conextion:
The company was founded by Tony and Amy Odom. Tony has several years of experience in healthcare and the senior market, while Amy has many years of clinical experience behind her as a registered nurse. Both have invested their experiences in this business and developed it to address the lack of exceptional non-emergency medical transport. Their family has a strong commitment to God and strives to incorporate Christian Values not only in their personal lives, but also in how they treat their employees and clients.

For further information, visit:

Media Contact:
Care Conextion
Address: 10200 Forest Green Blvd Ste 112
Louisville, KY 40223
Phone: 502-466-7000
Fax: 502-242-1969

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Care Conextion transport offers safe and reliable transportation for non-emergency medical transportation, wheelchair transport, transport to medical appointments for the elderly and also personal transport to social events.



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